6 Essential Ingredients for Romance

For romance to succeed, there are six essential things you need to keep in mind: trust, sexuality, humor, dependability, creativity and appreciation.

Gather the Ingredients of Love

Romance is not a frozen food that you can microwave in five minutes; romance is a home-cooked meal that requires special ingredients and a dedicated chef. If you do not have the following ingredients in your relationship, then your romance recipe may taste bland. So, have fun cooking up this loving meal tonight!

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1. A Large Loaf of Honesty & Trust!

This ingredient is the core of romance because, without it, both partners cannot fully invest themselves into the relationship. To thicken your connection, be open and honest with your past, present, future, and then give your partner every reason to trust that you are being truthful at all times. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

2. Stir in Some Spicy Sexuality (Not Just Sex)

Regular sex is important, but sexuality should be a constant no matter your normal sex schedule. Compliment your partner’s body, mind, and your sexual attraction to them. Show and tell how much you desire their physique. Communicate your sexual interest in multiple ways: face-to-face, on the phone, via text, through email, or with a letter or card.

3. Add Several Cups of Humor & Inside Jokes

One of the tastiest things about a romantic relationship is your ability to say anything, laugh at yourselves, and find humor in experiences. Many of us are at our funniest when around the people we are closest to because we do not hold back and are not afraid to share, discuss, and laugh at our mistakes. Enjoy these hilarious moments with your partner.

4. Heat Up the Dependability

Continue to be a reliable partner who is there for your significant other emotionally and physically. Keep your promises, and only make agreements you truly intend to keep. Women, especially, have great memories for promises that men make. Respect each other’s schedule and commitments outside of the relationship as well.

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5. Throw in a Dash of Surprise & Creativity

Though we reach a point where we know our partners very well, it is important to still keep the relationship alive with new experiences, stories, and surprises. Do things outside your comfort zone and outside of your routine to keep your romance dish flavorful and exciting. This could be as small as sharing a loving thought or giving a special gift.

6. Don’t Forget a Few Tablespoons of Appreciation

One can never say “thank you” or “I appreciate you” enough. No matter how often the person gives you something, whether it is a meal, a favor, or just being in the person’s life. Acknowledge the small things and the big things so your partner knows just how much your gifts mean to them. It is never too late to add an ingredient and mix it in!

If you find that you are missing one of the aforementioned steps to your romance recipe, consider doing something small today to improve your relationship. If you are not quite sure of what you are missing, this would be a great opportunity to get feedback from your partner, a friend, or a psychic who can provide you with unbiased, informed feedback on the state of your relationship and what romance ingredients you may be missing.

Cooking is not easy and is better done with an assistant in the kitchen. The same applies to romance. Having a second opinion and a second pair of hands will only make your dish better, tastier, and spicier. Remember, though it is good to stick to a recipe, we all discover secret ingredients and alternative cooking methods that make our individual dishes better. What would you add?

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9 thoughts on “6 Essential Ingredients for Romance

  1. Eliza

    I think he was a bit abrassive and a rellay big jerk at times but I think his story would be very captivating. Id love to get to know what made him like he was with Taige and the others and i’d like to see him find some semblance of happiness. Everyone deserves at least that much. but that’s just my opinion…. good luck with it

  2. marc from the uk

    Hello Patricia, and hello to the USA ! I find these blogs helpfull and educational on all levels. Feedback is essential to healing. Good luck.

  3. ramesh

    what will i cook? If i have nothing . It is the pleasure of god,gift by God. all efforts are useless
    if luck is not strong.

  4. marc from the uk

    I would also add to the cooking pot !! NEVER back track, if you say your cooking a particular dish and tease them and entice them, then MAKE SURE you follow through! Words are like a cup or glass they are empty until they are fulfilled!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I just loved this article, Melody, well done !!!

    ( I happened to be thinking about baking muffins when I read it too …..LOL )


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