5 Ways Women Can Impress Men

It’s Not Always About Sex

When was the last time you impressed a guy to the point that he practically fell over his remote control in order to open the door for you? While I can’t promise this will ever happen to you, I can give you five hints on what impresses men most about women, and they don’t all have to do with sex!

1. Make the First Move

Making the first move is a hit or miss for most men. By the time he has reached his thirties, he has just as many rejection scars as commemorative notches on his bedpost. Men don’t always have it easy in this department, as for each turn down he receives; he chalks it up as a failure to his ego. Over time, many men feel like sex is an obligation for their women, so it’s no wonder they are in such a hurry to get it over with. When a woman makes the first move, suddenly the world seems like a friendlier place. A world where trolls and fairies can live in harmony. There is nothing more impressive to a man, than a woman who initiates sex. Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

“The best man, of course, is a guy who is responsible enough to be grounded, bold enough to take risks, and try something new.” – Psychic Cameron ext. 5412

2. Share Your Sexual Fantasies, and Ask to Fulfill His

Most men suffer from approval addiction in the bedroom. What this means, is that he is so afraid of being rejected for his sexual fantasies, he chooses not to share them. Instead, he goes into the undercover world of porn, which hurts you, embarrasses him, and ends up doing more harm than if he had just risked rejection in the first place. Men are impressed when a woman has an open mind to talk about her fantasies, thus opening him up to talk about his own. This doesn’t mean that you have to engage in everything he asks, but just listen, smile, and consider the possibilities.

3. Quit Fussing Over Your Flaws

Any guy who has been in a long-term relationship, probably knows just about every flaw on his woman’s body. Both men and women are insecure about themselves, but women are often more vocal about it. You may fuss over your flat butt, your fat one, or the fact that you can still wear a training bra, and have room leftover for a few dollops of potato salad. It is great that you feel comfortable enough to share your insecurities, but men are oblivious to this kind of stuff until you point it out. It is not the size of the imperfection that turns men off. It is the size of your insecurity. A guy who boasts to his friends that he would not date a woman over a size 15 has probably never met one who was confident enough to rock his world!

“It isn’t perfect, nor will it ever be, but it will be perfect for you.” – Psychic Lacy ext. 5494

4. Respect His Privacy

A guy can tell when a girl has been raked over the dating coals a few times too many, as every time his phone rings, her eyes dart to see the number. Whenever she is on his computer, she reads through a couple hundred of his emails. For every girl who has dug through his desk drawers looking for dirt, they have built up the expectation that women don’t trust him. Without trust, a man feels like he can’t be himself. Imagine if suddenly a woman comes into his life, and she offers him full pardon on all the wrongs that have been done to her by the guys before him. He’ll be more than impressed.

5. Be a Successful, Yet Vulnerable Woman

Successful women rarely open themselves to vulnerability. It is not in her nature to allow parts of her life to be without her control. This makes great sense on the business front. However, when it comes to relationships, it can be a fatal decision. Research suggests that intelligent, successful women are more likely to engage in affairs, get divorced, and take control over a less successful mate. Why? Because their business side has created a relationship based on their analysis of the relationship and its motives, rather than their own emotion and vulnerability. Men are impressed by confident, strong women, but they want to be the one guy who can melt away her tough exterior, to find a soft center where she still needs his care and support. You will never know love, until you allow yourself to become vulnerable enough to fear losing it.

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11 thoughts on “5 Ways Women Can Impress Men

  1. Abdullah

    I think in other contries they are used to Foreigners, but in America for some resaon foreigners are usually considered jokes (especially guys), not always but usually their portrayed on T.V in a comedy style I’m not sure where your from but say for example a middle-eastern guy in America if you watch T.V our image is that of Borat or a greasy hairy guy with gold chains and lots and lots of cologne etc Asian’s are always smiling and running liquor stores etc Even for women say a Russian woman would be considered a mail-order bride.I know it sucks but it’s true!!!! America is filled with stereo types.So if your going to get a date your going to have to find someone who has a specific attraction for foreigners especially if you have an accent.

  2. Sophia

    The most confusing thing for me as a woman is what is meant by being a vulnerable woman. What does that mean? It’s like if you tell a man to “be strong.” He may think, What does that mean?, Many times men will think, “I need to take control and be controlling – then I’m strong” and then they are left by their women and don’t understand why.

    Same for me as a woman, “Be vulnerable” it’s vague and can mean lots of different things to different women and men. Can anyone give every day examples? That would be great help!

  3. Nicole

    Another wonderful article!!! I absolutely Love California psychics!!!! I have been reading your articles for years now….Love ya

    sincerely,one happy Canadian!!

  4. t-bird

    Eric, great article and I especially enjoyed this: “When a woman makes the first move, suddenly the world seems like a friendlier place. A world where trolls and fairies can live in harmony.” Love it!!

  5. Mark Taylor UK

    Yep I agree with Jimmie Wolf! graet article but sexist! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
    How refreshing for a bloke to say that !!!

  6. Lisa from Chicago

    This comment`s for Jimmie Wolf
    Dude, just be yourself. I feel a man should approach a woman. But I`m old fashion. How ever if a lady approachs you, either or. Don`t impress her with a bunch of BS. Women see threw that and will be turned off, most of the time. Be a real gentleman to her. Theres a real lady out there looking for that gentleman.


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