5 Ways to Rock Going Solo to a Wedding

Be Dateless and Have a Good Time

Attending a wedding on your own can sound a little daunting (even depressing), especially when you’re single. The whole event is a celebration of love, after all, usually making those without a special someone painfully aware of their solo status. But weddings can actually be amazingly fun when you’re single, if you know how to best take advantage of them. From the time you get your invite to last call the night of the festivities, here are five ways to make the most of these celebrations when you’re going solo to a wedding.

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1. Find Out Which Mutual Friends Are Attending
The first step to make going solo to a wedding fun is to chat up other people to see who got invited and, more importantly, to see who plans on going. Whether they’re old friends you’d like to reconnect with, or other mutual friends you share with the bride and groom, you can create a party atmosphere by renting a house or sharing a hotel room. This means you won’t really be going solo to a wedding after all.

2. Ask the Bride and Groom About Other Singletons
There are few things happy couples love to do more than set up their single friends. While your pals may be immersed in wedding planning, they won’t mind taking the time to let you know the lowdown on any eligible bachelors who may be in attendance—or even other single ladies with whom you could pal around with during the weekend’s festivities.

3. Mingle at Pre-Wedding Festivities
Once you arrive for the wedding, be sure to hang out in common areas (the pool, lobby bar, etc.), so you’ll end up meeting other people in town for the weekend. Also make an effort to get to know people at the welcome or rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Having a good conversation with someone can lay the groundwork to hang out together the following day or night during the main event. This pre-wedding time is also the perfect opportunity to seek out any single guys the bride and groom may have mentioned to you.

4. Engage With People at Your Table
More than likely, the couple will seat you with other single people or those with whom they think you’d get along. Get to know people by asking questions—what they like to do for fun, how they met the couple, what they love most about the city in which they live, and so on. You’ll bond while you’re eating and chatting, which will make you feel part of a group.

5. Dance With the Bridal Party
When it comes to the reception, the bridesmaids are usually the ones tearing up the dance floor. And luckily, they’re easy to spot since they’re probably all wearing the same thing. Get in with the group so you have ladies to dance with. From there, you can scope out single guys, accept some dances from them and then easily groove back over to the ‘maids when needed.

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  1. GM

    If I have a significant other, and he’s not included on the invitation, I’ll let the bride and groom know I can’t make it to the wedding and send them a gift. As they saying goes, love me, love my dog.


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