5 Ways to Shake Things Up in Your Relationship

5 Ways to Shake Things Up in Your Relationship

From Ho-Hum to Hubba-Hubba

After the honeymoon period of a relationship fades, a romantic partnership often becomes more ho-hum than hubba-hubba—if you know what I mean. But while many couples may take signs of staleness as a warning that things are going south, and quickly, this very normal progression of a relationship can be a turning point toward opening up new possibilities for your bond.

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If your relationship feels stale and boring, all your union needs is a boost in a new direction. As the years (and decades) pass, infusing your relationship with excitement will bring back those early loving vibes and make you feel more vibrant once again. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zones
To grow, you often have to get a little uncomfortable. However, you can look at discomfort as an opportunity for growth and challenge each other to embrace it. For instance, take a salsa class or hit up a karaoke bar if you’re wallflower types. You never know what possibilities will unfold when you do something totally different than what you’re used to doing. You’ll discover new sides of yourselves for sure.

2. Orchestrate Surprises for Each Other
Another way to put some zest into your relationship is to plan exciting adventures for each other. Whether it’s traveling or taking a class together, the element of surprise will open up new avenues for both of you and present new chances for excitement and tenderness as you each take on the role of planner.

3. Begin a Meditation Practice (Or Take Yours Up a Notch)
Getting quiet with yourself is a great way to open up your mind. By emptying your bin of thoughts, so to speak, you allow your brain to refill with new ideas and possibilities. Commit to starting a regular meditation practice (or beef up the one you already have) and challenge each other to stick with it. Keeping a journal can also help you understand all the potential paths your life together could take.

4. Write Out Your Romantic Bucket Lists
Create a wishlist, either separately or together, of the romantic experiences you want to have together. Just the act of creating such a list will bring you closer together and foster a new sense of intimacy. Plus, actually checking items off your list (or lists) will encourage vulnerability, acceptance, and deeper love. Winning!

5. Encourage Spontaneity
If you’ve fallen into the same routine, day in and day out, of coming home, eating dinner, watching Netflix, and passing out, then you’re certainly not alone. But mustering the energy to get up and shake off those relationship cobwebs will do wonders for your bond. If that ice cream sundae you see on screen is calling your name, for example, turn off the TV, grab your coats, and head down to your local diner to split a treat. Even something simple like indulging your sweet tooth together could bring about new possibilities. You never know who you may run into or what thoughts you might have when you embark on a spontaneous excursion. Plus, your carefree attitude will certainly take your relationship to a more playful, fun place, too.

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