5 Ways Men Can Impress Women

We’re Simpler Than You Think!

There are five simple ways to impress a woman. Women may seem like complex alien beings from many men’s perspectives. However, we’re really not that difficult to impress. Here are those five ways to make your woman (or any woman) stand up and take notice!

1. Listen When She Speaks

Sure, you want to watch the news or the game, and it would be easier to tune her out and keep doing what you’re doing. But if you stop what you’re doing for just a few minutes and actually listen to what the woman in your life has to say, it’ll go a long way toward impressing her—especially later when you put it to good use. Draw her a bath when she says she’s exhausted. Offer to take over and put the kids to bed or make dinner. If she’s a new person in your life (read: a potential paramour), take her to the restaurant or attraction she mentions wanting to visit. Buy flowers that are her favorite color. In short, pay attention to what she says and show her you heard her.

2. Be Supportive

Everybody has hopes, dreams and even things they need to accomplish on a daily basis. If you let your woman know you’re on her team and do everything you can to encourage her to succeed, she’ll feel important to you—and in return, she’ll not only think you’re a pretty amazing guy, she’ll do everything to ensure you feel the same way.

“The people I speak with stay in my prayers. I feel supportive of them as they go through each day.” – Tansy ext. 5289

3. Encourage Time Solo as Well as Together

As tempting as it is to spend every single Friday and Saturday night together in the early stages of dating, or as easy as it is to fall into a sit on the couch every night routine once you’re serious, during all phases of a relationship it’s vital that you both keep your own personal activities and social lives active. Otherwise you’ll get bored. Women can be afraid to say this—as men probably can too—the point is, you need to be two full halves coming together as a whole… and if you let her know you want her to always remain her own woman as well as your girl, she’ll respect the hell out of you.

4. Take Control Sometimes

Boss her around? Never. Make a decisive call on what to do on a given Friday and whisk her away for something special—from a cocktail to a vacation to a cooking class—and she’ll love it!

5. Be Thoughtful

Pick up after yourself. Make coffee in the morning. Show up with a rose or her favorite sweet treat. Email her that you’re thinking of her through the day. Text when you’re running a little late. It’s the small stuff that counts—when you remember it on a consistent basis.

“Take her shoe shopping.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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31 thoughts on “5 Ways Men Can Impress Women

  1. Marc from the UK

    Great article and I appreciate the information. Like anything it is practice that makes perfect, And I agree that happines is achievable with two balanced people that make a wholesome couple.

  2. Cc

    Well i have done all that&more some lady think that when u like that u are weak&a fool&the thing about they dont known how tobe truthful&honest to there self maybe am meeting the wrong ladys

  3. Florie

    Yes…. woman have their own principles which can impress for that…. cause man’s success is a woman’s behinds…

  4. elean J

    The problem with these is that … treat her to all these and more she becomes too used to it that if someday, somehow, for any reason you fail to do them, you don’t love her anymore and things will never be the same again!

  5. Marco Dame7

    Where are all the ladies who love to be treated like this, ive tried many of times to treat my lady Special, but they she im up to something, i want them to know that there is a real Gentelman around who love to treat ladies Special you ladies deserve it all the time !!!

  6. puddle

    Wish more men has a good standard values ,God fearing am sure there are some out there, mind you ! you will be the hottest in town if posses these qualification. It is the greatest of all so women ask for wisdom to find such men like this…Good luck ,,,, God bless

  7. Sophia

    Great article and advice for men. Usually men are encouraged to only do things for women as a pick up device. If I had to choose between a hot guy who was selfish and and average guy who had something cute about him and treated me as the article suggests – I would choose the later.

    My guess is men feel that way about women: average but a great companion vs. some one hot and selfish….although there are hot AND kind women just as there are hot AND kind men – though not as many men it seems as their egos become inflated much more easily and become players – just a thought.

  8. MARIO

    very good advise I didn’t think men needed to know this things, the same goes for us, its really not that complicated…

  9. shana

    It is so difficult to find a guy with the qualities you write about. The bigest turn off is a guy that is cool in almost all you mention at first but eventully after he has you where he wants you turns into a controling monster. It becomes his way and only his way. Jerk You are mistaken i have never commented before.

  10. shana

    It is so difficult to find a guy with the qualities you write about. The bigest turn off is a guy that is cool in almost all you mention at first but eventully after he has you where he wants you turns into a controling monster. It becomes his way and only his way. Jerk

  11. GeorgieGirl

    I do all those things for women, but as soon as they find out I’m a crossdresser, they don’t want anything to do with me or think I’m wierd. How come?

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    “””” the point is, you need to be TWO FULL HALVES coming together as a whole… “”””

    very true…..it takes two happy, fullfilled individuals to make a happy couple/union.

  13. solomon chuks

    u just made the day of me and my partner after i must hve finish reading i practice what u say believe me eventully u made our day thanks so much .


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