5 Ways to Keep in Touch With Faraway Friends

5 Ways to Keep In Touch With Faraway Friends

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Many of us have close friends who live far away, making it difficult to keep in touch with them. Perhaps they’re at an out-of-state college or they’ve moved for work or love. While Facebook and other social media sites make it fairly simple to keep in touch, that contact tends to be superficial. Indeed, these methods of communication don’t foster or grow lasting connections—at least not super meaningful ones. If you’re looking for a deeper connection, here are five tips for strengthening your friendships from afar.

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1. Make a Real Effort to Keep in Touch
If you want to keep in touch with your close friends, you can certainly start by putting in the time and effort needed to maintain your friendships. Make a real effort because you won’t keep your connections if you don’t make a conscious effort to do so. Friendships are two-way streets, just like any other relationship. Having the right mindset toward maintaining your friendships is the first step.

2. Become Pen Pals to Keep in Touch
When’s the last time you wrote down your thoughts, feelings, and the events of your life without using Facebook or your smartphone? With your friends many miles away, now’s a good time to start getting into that habit. Choose a friend who could commit to writing as a way to keep in touch and you’ll both reap the benefits of catching up over snail mail. Pull out the old-fashioned paper and get some fun writing instruments (Hello, glitter pens!) to create keepsake letters for each other.

3. Create Meaningful Text Groups to Keep in Touch
Texting can be a great way to keep in touch if it’s also used thoughtfully. Create a text group with your crew. You can share news, send photos, and make each other laugh with carefully chosen memes. This idea is perfect for busy people who don’t have a ton of time to catch up with friends individually but still want to make a real effort to stay in touch.

4. Play Games to Keep in Touch
From Fantasy Football to Words with Friends to online chess, playing games from afar is a fun way to keep in touch too and do something active with friends you can’t see in person. You’ll get to bond over your shared interests and bridge the distance gap too.

5. Schedule Coffee Dates to Keep in Touch
You may not be able to grab a cup of Joe or a cocktail on the regular, but you can sip over video chat. It can feel like a real-life meetup. Grab a latte or a glass of wine, and log in at a set time so you can sip and chat with each other. Having face-to-face time will allow you to keep in touch, deepen your friendship, and feel like you’re seeing your friend too—even if it’s just virtually. If time permits, make it a monthly event so you can keep bonding and growing your relationship during your time apart.

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