5 Surefire Signs She’s Jealous

Escape the Jealousy Monster Before It’s Too Late!

Is your girlfriend driving you crazy with her jealous ways? Do you wonder if your girlfriend is secretly battling the green monster also known as jealousy? There are some surefire signs that you may notice that might be telling you that you have a jealous girlfriend. Jealousy usually relates to insecurity within an individual, whether they are insecure within the relationship or within themselves. It is best to be aware of these signs so you can stop them from getting out of hand and even prevent a nasty break up or embarrassing scenario. Here are five signs that show if she’s jealous and some tips on how to deal with the situation. Jealousy can get out of hand and can ruin significant relationships.

No Female Friends Allowed

If your girl is constantly complaining when you mention one of your female friends, you might have a jealous woman on your hands. If she even gets jealous when you hang out with your sister or mom, you have an even bigger problem to deal with. Everyone should be allowed to have friends of the opposite sex as long as that is where the relationship remains; as friends without strings attached.

A Life Before Me?

If your girlfriend gets upset when you discuss your past relationships, she might be overly jealous. Obviously you had a life before you met her, and she should accept that. The only thing you have to be careful of is overdoing comments about your ex, whether negative or positive. Either way it will show that you are putting too much thought into the past and someone else.

Text Crazed

Do you plan a guy’s night and find yourself answering her texts more than enjoying your time with your buddies? While it’s nice to get a “miss you” or “thinking of you” text, anything over two texts while you’re having guy time is a jealous girlfriend who is checking up on you.

Celebrity Buzz

If you are talking about a beautiful or attractive celebrity and she goes into a jealousy fit and complains, there is a problem. She is a jealous girlfriend. Even though she knows you’ll never date the celebrity, she still feels threatened that you find other woman attractive. You’re human; you should be able to speak about attractive people whenever you want without a hassle. If she mentions a good looking celebrity at some point, turn the tables and show her how a jealous person isn’t too attractive.

At the Water Cooler

If your girlfriend is constantly asking you about your female co-workers and even takes the plunge to drop into your workplace to see what her competition might be in your 8 hour day, she is a jealous girlfriend. It is really important to be aware of this red flag as you truly don’t want to be fired over having personal visitors during your work day. Talk about the jealousy issue and say to her that while you appreciate some healthy level of jealousy, extremes won’t work for you and you will not stand for it in your relationship.

“The only person you can change is yourself. Learn to accept others as they are or move on.” – Rivers ext. 5273

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19 thoughts on “5 Surefire Signs She’s Jealous

  1. Dianne

    Jealousy is a negative emotion. As the article said, it is usually brought on by insecure behavior. Relationships are about trust…regardless of the reason, you loose trust you have no relationship period! Pictures of celebrities, friends at work should not cause problems in relationships. It is when one is being secretive and leaving there partner out, when suspicious behavior begins. Be honest, always, and the relationship will grow strong. If the other person doesn’t agree, then maybe they are not the one.

  2. Dawnita

    Diane, I hate to tell you this, but your man is having a relationship more than being friends. This relationship continues bc you havent spoken. She hates u because no matter how much sex or time he is giving her, he wont leave u to b with her. But he is also a looser bc he is being dishonest with u. U may have more to offer him as to y he hasnt left you. You need to address this concern to your man!

  3. cm

    relationships are overrated , youget hitched only to find out that your battling with her girlfriends opinion of you or the fmilies you know because you have to fit everyone elses expectations of you not your partners and then there is that battle of the bs that other people like to fill into the relationship because they are jealous because they now have to share their friend or family member with you and you get accused of being jealous when alls your sayin is I love spending time with you and am willing to put the maintenance into the relationship so that it will last because its one I cherish YEAH WHATEVER

  4. betina

    You fail to mention what type of women the man had AS SO CALLED FRIENDS MY HUB UNFORTUNATELY DIDN’T lead the best of lives before he met me. I know he had some real tramps for so called “friends” when he does mention one of them yes I do get mad for I know the low caliber of person she is or was.

    Furthermore when people marry it is time to leave CERTAIN past behind for the spouse is the most important person and deserves the most priority!!!!!

    He also has a real toooo close codepedent relationship with his sister who he thinks is the ATHENA herself and she can be quite the dodo bird. So we all have our crosses to bear in any relationship….that is why it is not good to make things worse..


  5. granny

    i hav a friend who’s jelous of everything, even for my man. She always get upset with everythng i buy and i must alwys explain where i got money from. I’m nt suppose to buy something new cause i’l end up feeling bad about my beauty, she wants to be the one to be praised al the time. What to do with her?

  6. Josie

    Wow that’s crazy but trust is a two way street. If your jealous to the point where celebrities are a threat or just even a factor then maybe you should look at yourself first because u can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself.

  7. satine

    If a person is capable of loving..they wont want to do anything to hurt their loved one and make them miserable..or insecure. I want a man that if someone were to tell me they saw him with a hot blond in his car..I would think..”Oh how nice of him to give some nice woman a ride” I would’nt want my man to have ‘girl’friends..or a bunch of guy pals either..(I just want to be his everything..like he wants me to be his everything) HE can have “HI” and How are you friends..but not people he hunkers up with and wastes precious time with..and is two faced with..If he treats his woman like a thouroughbred..she wont be a ‘nag’.
    A lot of men want women to be insecure..they enjoy hurting them..fooling them..It gives them a sick sense of power over them..which they use against them..Most ‘men’ are’nt worthy of a good woman.

  8. DEREK


  9. Robert

    I recently got married & to instill some confidence into my wife, I cut ties to all my close female friends (even her cousin; the person who introduced us) which were all strictly platonic. The worst thing I could have ever done.

  10. Renee

    You can not move forward if you continue to look back, so if he keeps looking back, ether discuss the problem or move on,
    I agree with the text crazed, Celebrity buzz, ok here is my take I’m sure it piss some off but who cares, If you have a guy who hangs up skanky pictures in “his space”, try hanging some skank of your own in “Your space” so that he feels uncomfortable there. Usually they will get the message, co-workers, strict rule…good advice, do not mix business with pleasure also, do not shit where you eat.
    I wouln’t even date a man that doesn’t have those same rules.

  11. me

    Im gonna admit i am jealous but i have resaon to be. he”ll watch porn all day long on the compture. He always compliments or looks at other women but not me. He says he loves me but has an odd way of showing it.

  12. paula

    Hey Diane it’s time for a ultimatum. She’s jealous of you and he’s got something going on with her. He’s a player and he doesn’t deserve you! Time to move on cause life’s too short to be unhappy…

  13. Diane

    What about if your husband or boyfriend has a picture of some pretty female celebrity or an erotic picture that he downloaded as a background on his phone? I think that is disrespectful. What do you think?

  14. Cora

    some guys may not notice that even if a gal calls them or text them at work doesn’t always mean they are jelouis. It could also mean that they miss talking to the guy and that it is just a way of letting them know they are being thought of. Some signs can be miss judged by a guy which can lead to false red flags. Something I’ve come across in my life cycle.

  15. Ken

    I have a jealous girlfriend no matter what I do she gets jealous like look at another girl or talk about other woman. It is getting to the point that I dont know what to say or talk about. What can I do. Ken

  16. Rose Cocca

    i think if you trust the man there is no reason to get jealous…you know he will not go looking if he truly loves you and will not go looking for sex or not…if course he can talk to ex-girlfriends as long they are just friends and it will stay that way…

  17. Diane

    What if the other female friend calls ur boyfriend every day, sometimes twice a day & they make plans all the time when ur unable to join them? I don’t expect to be included all the time but once in a while if they could wait until I’m done work so that I can join them would be nice. His friend doesn’t like me & I’m not sure why. I have never told him that I don’t want her to be a part of his life, he has been friends with her for a long time & cares very much about her children. He has known her longer then he has known me but for some reason she doesn’t like me or want me around when they do things together. Is she jealous of me?


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