Your June 2016 Chinese Horoscope: Digging Up the Treasures

Digging Up the Treasures

Look to Your Dreams and Aspirations

June will be full of emotional drama, and you’ll be digging up the treasures at the depths of your being with the Snake in the Field through June 4. Then a hugely dramatic New Moon with Venus demands that we look to our dreams and spiritual aspirations under the Horse in the Clouds influence for the rest of the month. Every animal day this month is about seeking the very best that you can be. Here is your Chinese Horoscope.



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On June 11 watch the results of your actions from a week ago unfold, as you’re the Rat on the Roof. Your deepest desires are at work in this situation. Your best strategy on June 23 as the Field Rat is to engage friends—both online and off—to accomplish your goals.


Your Chinese Horoscope says you should let romance dominate the morning of June 12 on your Sea Ox day. Surprises will follow, so be prepared to go with the flow—particularly when it comes to romance. You’re the Lake Buffalo on June 24. Use romantic images to accomplish work early in the day and create joy during the evening.


As the Tiger Standing Firm, use potent language and you’ll protect yourself and your environment on June 1. Speak intelligently regarding building your future while sharing your powerful desires on June 13 as the Tiger in the Forest. June 25 brings love and beauty in the midst of serious action as you’re the Tiger Climbs the Mountain


Share the natural beauty and love in your life on June 2 as you’re the Enlightened Rabbit, according to your Chinese Horoscope. June 14 offers the perfect day for diplomatic, loving conversation as the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. June 26 is the time to take careful, bold action on emotions as the Rabbit of Woods and Mountains


Your emotions are powerful on June 3 as the Dragon in the Sky. Use them for healing self-expression and others will relate to you. You’re the Dragon of Pure Virtue using strategy that comes from your soul on June 15, moving toward your dreams. It’s good to be serious with others about mutual emotional needs on June 27 as the Dragon of Patience.


June 4 is a New Moon day that is particularly pivotal, and you have double power on this Snake in the Pool day and Snake in the Field month. Speak with loving kindness. June 16 offers you an emotionally positive day in the midst of some major events as the Snake of Happiness. Work with focus, as connections are easily missed on June 28 when you’re the Hibernating Snake.


Your Chinese Horoscope says you should relax and enjoy your Horse in the Stable day on June 5. Many people and events are at cross-purposes, so pause and think before acting. The best time for work is early morning on June 17 as the Palace Horse. Let elegance, beauty and romance command the rest of the day. Dig deeply into your spirit on June 29 as the Way Horse and you’ll touch others.


Go with the flow on June 6 as the Sheep in the Pasture and enjoy the romantic moments that ensue. Balance charm and intelligent strategy on June 18 as you are the Lucky Sheep. While June 30 brings a standoff about emotional/power issues, you’ll rise above the problems as the Sheep in a Flock.


June 7 offers an opportunity for delicious surprises as the Monkey Eating Fruit. If someone around you is behaving in a passive-aggressive manner, take the high road and educate them. On June 19, midday is the perfect time to express brilliant new ideas as the Elegant Monkey.


Political issues arise on the morning of June 8 as you’re the Caged Rooster. Sleep on your ideas tonight, and take action tomorrow. Everything will seem so much clearer then. You’re seeing new opportunities on the horizon on June 20 as you’re the Barnyard Rooster. Seize them.


You’ll be dealing with people acting impulsively as you’re the Watchdog on June 9. Calm them and move on. Take an inventive approach to the bad behavior around you and you’ll be the hero. Intense challenges bring excellent rewards as you’re the Guard Dog on June 21.


Use the early part of the day to manage the minor details of weekend plans on June 10, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Romance will follow for your Pig in the Forest day. Let go of expectations and enjoy what happens. Use inventive ideas to deal with unexpected delays or miscommunications on June 22, as the Traveling Pig.

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  1. Benard Osei

    The problems iam facing these days are promised and failed.lf anyone promise me anything, later don’t heard from him again(job matter),Norway days things become tough in my life,l need God intervention.Thank u


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