The 5 Annoying Female Friends Every Woman Has

How to Handle Annoying Female Friends

You love your girlfriends. They’re like family and you’ve supported each other through the trials and tribulations of adulthood. You’ve partied together and cried on each other’s shoulders. They’re amazing… except when they’re annoying. Do you have friends who constantly try to change you or hound you about your life choices? Do you have friends who bombard you with their problems or try to steal your other friends? Maybe you’d like to tell them to back off, but you don’t want to make things awkward. Well, I’m here to help! Here’s how to handle these five annoying female friends without (hopefully) ruining your friendship.

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The Annoying Friend Who Wants You to Get Married

Your friend has found and married her soulmate. She’s basked in newlywed bliss. But now that she’s settled into married life, she wants to make finding you a husband her latest project. Suddenly, she’s introducing you to all her husband’s single friends and any available bachelor she knows and you’re thinking you should have spent less on her wedding present. It’s time to stop the insanity!

Tell you married friend that while you’re happy she’s found her soulmate, finding Mr. Right and getting married aren’t top priorities for you right now. Or tell her you prefer to find your own dates and don’t want your friends to get involved.

The Annoying Friend Who Wants You to Have a Baby

You’re having brunch with your friend and she asks (for the millionth time) when you’re having a baby. You’d like to throw your mimosa in her face, but instead you say “I don’t know” or “in a few years.” Your friend then goes on to talk about how awesome being a mom is and how her kids have changed her life for the better. You’ve got to say something or this annoying female friend is going to mention your empty uterus a million more times.

Tell your mommy friend you’re glad she finds motherhood fulfilling and that her kids bring her joy. Then tell her what you find fulfilling and joyful, whether it’s your career, hobbies, pets, etc. Joy is joy—whatever makes you happy is valuable. And as far as having kids is concerned, tell her that’s a decision best left up to you and your partner.

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The Annoying Friend Who Always Talks About Her Crappy Dating Life

Your friend is telling you a story about a new guy she met on Tinder, but you already know how it’s going to end—they met up, they hooked up, and now he’s gone. Your friend wonders why this keeps happening to her and you’re wondering what happened to that fun friend you used to go hiking with. “Get off of Tinder!” you want to yell. Instead, you just play some Enya in your head while your friend rambles on.

If hearing about your friend’s crappy dating life is bringing you down, you need to tell her. Tell her that you feel like all you two talk about is dating and you wish you’d talk about something else and do other things together. Suggest taking a break from dating for a while, or changing up how she searches for love. And if she brings up a bad date again, tell her you just don’t want to talk about it.

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The Annoying Friend Who Steals Your Other Friends

Do you have a friend who has to be friends with all your other friends? Let’s say you have a party and invite Janet from yoga class, Sarah from work and Emily, your childhood friend. Sarah and Emily make polite conversation, but Janet takes it to the next level and friends Sarah and Emily on Facebook. Next thing you know, Sarah is going to the spa with Janet and Janet is picking Emily up from the airport. Janet excludes you from all their plans. They’re the Three Amigas and you’re old news. How did this happen? They’ve just met!

The first thing you can do is hide your friend list on Facebook. Make it private so no one but you can see it. And seriously reconsider inviting a friend-stealer like Janet over again when you’re having a party. If she asks about your blocked friend’s list, tell her it’s a privacy issue and you don’t want people looking at your Facebook friends. Depending on your friends’ privacy setting, the friend-stealer may or may not find them on Facebook, but at least you’re not making it easier for her. And the next time you have a party, don’t invite the annoying friend-stealer!

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The Annoying Friend Who Gets Sloppy Drunk 

Going out and having a few drinks with a friend can be fun and relaxing, but when she has a few too many, you have to play rescuer. She’s making a fool out of herself and you’re worried for her safety, so you watch her like a hawk to keep her out of trouble. You didn’t sign up for this!

Your friend may have a drinking problem, which is another issue entirely, but it’s not your job to rescue her. She’s an adult and she needs to make good decisions. You’re not her mother, father, priest or therapist. She needs to learn to look out for herself. So the next time she asks you to come out with her and watch her get wasted, tell her you have plans. Also, do other things together that don’t involve alcohol, like taking a fitness class.

You need to have boundaries—even with friends—and your boundaries need to be respected. Your life is yours to lead, so you should do what makes you happy and you don’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation. Friends also grow apart and that’s okay. If you have an annoying friend who doesn’t understand your life choices, or if they’re just in a different place than you, you may find you’re no longer compatible. If that’s the case, let them go and make new friends.

14 thoughts on “The 5 Annoying Female Friends Every Woman Has

  1. chuck

    I have an annoying female friend that can’t stand to be away from me for more than a couple hours, don’t want me to work, don’t want me to have other friends, cooks for me every chance she gets. She has a boyfriend n he along with her family thinks there is a lot more than meets the eye but there’s not! She calls anytime day or night and if there’s nothing to say she wants me to put her on speaker phone even while I shower. Don’t get me wrong if she was available I’d be on her like white on rice because she is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen but for the past four years we have been close friends. I’ll admit when we first started to hang out it did get out that I liked her in that way. At one point I fell in love with her but the reality is she’s just my best friend and her whole family thinks she sneaks away just to see me, come to think of it she does. I need to break it off with her because I’m a one women man and can’t see this relationship going any further, I really don’t want to hurt her if at all possible and don’t want her to leave her boyfriend because of the kids involved. Can someone give me some good advice, this women means the world to me but I have no life as it is now.
    Thank you chuck

  2. misskrystal

    Quinn, I totally agree with you. That is exactly what makes friendships last. Great point!
    Miss Krystal
    PS Great article, really enjoyed this one.

  3. ReikiGirl

    Respect each others boundaries, and you’ll keep a friend for life. A “friend” that flirts with your husband/boyfriend isn’t a friend at all.

  4. sheila

    Was hoping for help with the friend who corrects your mistakes and thinks she needs to help you with everything you do.

  5. rosecoccarr

    we all o,e back once…weall make good ith life..appiness and joy v ery hard..but we have stay with it ..don’t let \go..youare tnhe bwt ki have

  6. rosecoccarr

    never let the olher take over..but you have no choice…she is holding cause needs a man who can she hold….I would let my friend see all man..stay with your good friend …shed wikll trhy to hnelp; as alwayhs

  7. Robert smith

    Yes all those. Plus another one who had ideas of a relationship but has either backed out or had an accident and may never be there to view a possible relationship or one you lost and you failed to take advantage of a renewed friendship. And or another one whose had ideas of control but would not get involved. Life is interesting. No

  8. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    insightful article…

    Boundaries – Boundaries – Boundaries –

    respecting the boundaries of a friendship make for long and happy relationships.

    I love my gal pals –

    Buddha Bless,

  9. Kelly

    Great response Penny yes a few self centered so I let them be just that. It can help too in a way if needed to build yourself, from these friends I’ve found a stronger self ,an ego boost if needed one and very entertaining.
    The complainer is great to shop with found myself finding great deals possibly 50% off just walking out the door.
    The worrier is great for calm outings like movies or casual things non dramatic.
    That’s what’s great about friends all so unique

  10. Sara

    Everyone around me my whole entire life, has been jealous of my friends, most of them are men, not females! I feel I go in circles, why this happens, a lot when it comes to me, and my personal life? Can you explain this to me? Thank you. 😀

  11. Agi

    There is another annoying friend, who wants to be my only friend , who is jelous and possesive, doesn’t want me to have other friends
    How can I handle this kind of friend?


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