3 Tips for Playing Hard to Get

When is Playing Hard to Get Acceptable?

Ah, the thrill of the chase. Most of us understand the dating ploy of making him or her work for it, leaving a little mystery, and keeping them guessing. In this regard, playing a little hard to get in the dating game can have distinct advantages. Just make sure you’re making the right moves for the right reasons, or your elusive approach may just make you seem unavailable and undateable. Let’s look at a few scenarios where playing hard to get will have him playing right into your hands.

Looking for a Little Foreplay

If you know what you want, and it’s a simple case of sexual attraction, playing hard to get can be a creative type of foreplay for the both of you. This form of teasing increases excitement and enhances mutual desire as long as you both are clear about your mutual needs!

Looking for Something More Long-Term

The hard to get approach can be appealing to women looking for a guy who is willing to work a little for the prize. While playing hard to get can increase foreplay between partners simply looking for sex, you can also achieve an opposite, more enduring-type of relationship (aka the long-term relationship) by using elements of this technique towards the beginning of his “courting.” If all you want is sex, keeping it simple and direct will probably bring you faster to the goal in sight. On the other hand, if you are looking for something with more depth, this can be a great way to weed out the guy who isn’t interested enough to stick with it for the long haul.

“Relationships are hard. To say they aren’t is a lie, but the best things in life are the ones we have to work at constantly, and still enjoy.” – Lacy ext. 5494

Weeding Out “The Player”

By making him work for it, it will quickly become clear whether he is just looking for a good time, or for you. If he’s known around town as Mr. Romeo and he’s suddenly developed an interest in you, make him prove it. You’ll soon see whether he has a sincere interest in you by how willing he is to put forth the time and energy into wooing you. If his attraction lies strictly in landing the next gal, at your first real relationship challenge, he’ll cut his losses and run to the next easy mark, leaving you free to pursue greener pastures.

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10 thoughts on “3 Tips for Playing Hard to Get

  1. Camille

    Playing hard to get can be quite fun and exciting as well. its helps you as a woman to know whether the man who is after to you is worth being with and sleeping with. No man want s a woman for a long term relationship who he can gets the cookie from in just seconds. Men on the other hand like a little challenge, they love sex “of course” and wont wait too long, but we got to keep them on the edge of their seats to keep them lingering.

  2. elian

    Giving time to the “flirting” part of the relationship is delightful … be it a week, a month or even more…and it assures both parties of each other’s real interest…perhaps this is what the author meant by “playing hard to get”?

  3. akieem jolla

    i think playin hard to get is a good thing because if she give up easy to you how many other people she gave up to think. if its that easy dont take it.

  4. Kelly

    thx, love that part about playing hard to get to see if he will stick around and patiently woo you. I was with a famous guy who took interest in me, i played hard to get cos i believe he was used to getting what he wants, afterall he is famous. i really liked him, but guess what!!! he didn’t stick around, he was obviously looking for a lay, which thanks to PLAYING HARD TO GET, he didn’t get that “lay” form me. there was always that silent voice telling me i probably dint do something right, but thx…………….that fact has been corrected. #smili8g

  5. Roxanne

    I just feel like for a man 2 go 4 the long haul is Really hard work. He has 2 push aside the sterio types of a man and go his own way. Make his own way of loving that certain woman. Also for a woman she has 2 show her love and know their are Consequenses Of Loving a Man.

  6. Sophia

    I think two different ideas are getting mixed up in this article.
    Playing hard to get can be associated with sexual teasing which does attract the player. However, if one is waiting to have sex to be sure there is more there that is not playing hard to get it id being sensible.

  7. Daphne

    Thank You Quinn: Playing a game when you are serious is bad juju.
    If I am not sure and hesitate to get involved that may come off as hard to get but once I am sure I let him know. If he needs to chase the bunny around the track he’s not for me. Players only love you when they are playing.

  8. -quinn ext.5484

    playing – hum! just that word sends chills up my spine. when people play at relationships (other than foreplay) someone wins someone loses.
    i say bring your best to every relastionship situation. getting to know someone is hard, keeping it going is hard, making it work is hard, heck, it is hard being alone and being happy! so if you are a player especially of *hard to get* figure you are not going to be gotten. after awhile the game you’re playing becomes tiresome and sooner or later you and the other person will look for the comfort and ease of just being.
    love is one place that playing emotional and karmic spiritual games is not going to end well.
    -quinn ext. 5484


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