3 Soul-Searching Secrets to Falling In Love Again

Ignite That Spark!

Psychic Nevaeh ext. 5203 can work with the Tarot, oracles, the runes, crystals, automatic writing, and also use no tools at all. She also specializes in remote review, and has strong skills as an empath. This depth of insight into people’s emotions helps her callers with love and relationship concerns. Nevaeh explained: “I’m an empath which helps me tune in to people’s feelings, especially when it has to do with love and love relationships. I could feel people and their emotions.”

Nevaeh shared some wisdom on reigniting a relationship if that spark has faded. She said, “What I see as a psychic, I can really zoom in on the problem or the situation quite rapidly, and then guide you as to what’s going on in the relationship.”

Is the Grass Really Greener?

“I speak to people that have been married for 25, 30 years, and they want to have an affair. And so they’ll say to me, should I do that? And I’ll say, do you really think that the grass is greener on the other side? I give customers the opportunity, on that phone call, to dream about what it would be like to leave that relationship at that moment. And 9 times out of 10, they go, ‘Oh no, I love him, or I love her, so much, I was just thinking about that.’ And remind yourself, what are the things that you love about him?”

Become the Woman He First Met

“When the love changes, and and you become best friends, and the euphoria changes, it becomes a mundane, everyday pattern. Then I explain to them, what if you became the woman that he first met? The woman that was confident, the woman that had so much awesomeness that he wanted to be around. If you’ve become this other person that your partner doesn’t know anymore, think about how you might have been treating your partner. Even if the relationship has been damaged, pull back and reflect a bit. You’ll start to notice the relationship getting back on track.”

Get Back on Track!

“I often tell women to write letters to their husband or partner to show them what they’re feeling. And often, that really works. And then the husband will say, well, I didn’t know you felt that way! Get back on track, take a trip, take a vacation, and really talk to each other again.”

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9 thoughts on “3 Soul-Searching Secrets to Falling In Love Again

  1. Kaysha Gayle-SMith

    So true, writing a letter to your spouse let him know exactly how you feel, then he will take a look within himself and say he is sorry for treating you that way and the list goes on. If he is worthy of your love you will not let him go and then he will realise what a special gift he has gotten.

  2. Kerri

    writing letters to fall in love again sounds pretty lame. Get a pen pal. As to falling in love again, you either both love each other or you don’t. If you do, great, shake up the social scene for you both and re-connect as a couple. If you don’t love each other anymore, call it quits and split. Forget about affairs, everyone gets hurt, and you have to worry about std’s and aids for all concerned.

  3. pioneerheart

    Ok, the first chick sounds like a stepford wife, and the poor bus driver, that used to own up to his degree, get a backbone. love is waxing cold, can this self-centered, human existence, get a grip on what the essence of love really is, besides it just being an amusing blog, for some schmuck. Lets start with the idea of Love, and see, if we can successfully project/manifest the true, mirror-image, to our lives.

  4. Ramute Juska

    I am an empath myself. I had a brief relationship with a man who could not stop speaking in very admirable tones about the ex that he told to leave. He always spoke very negatively about his experiences with other women. But always defended her. I met her at the local pub, and it was very obvious that she is still very much in love with him. I advised him to work on his relationship with her. I am not the type of woman to take second place. He cannot have his cake and eat it to. It’s what my ex wanted from me. I would only be degrading my own self worth.

  5. Krissy

    My girl friends asked me how I know that I love him…

    I love the way

    *His eyes sparkle when he listens to me laugh
    *His smile dances in circles when he laughs with me at the crazy things I say
    *His eyes begin to tear when he smiles
    *His thoughts stop and think when I speak
    *He listens to me speak and acknowledges not just my words but my heart
    *I love how independent he is
    *His confidence drives me to him
    *His love of nature entices me
    *His passion for music intrigues me as I can feel his illuminating passion for it, his acceptance of natural beauty
    *Educated far beyond any man I have ever known, he appreciates the art of language which is so rare for most men
    * The list goes on and on but too personal to share with just anyone

    These are just a few of the reasons I love him, but the biggest reason is, no matter how much he has hurt me, I don’t raise my voice to him, I may tear up, but I don’t argue with him or for him. When you love someone, you can’t raise your voice to them. You know its real, and want to cherish every moment with them, there are no bad times, you only see the good ones.

  6. Joseph Sablic

    What are the 3 reasons for falling in LOVE for a
    Coma Survivor with metal in scull.
    Physical HDCP S.S. with nerve Ulnar nerve damage
    Bipolar with short term memory only and lung damage just to avoid alcahol, smoke and heat.
    Sad thing is wife of 32 years a
    still thinks I am brain dead.
    Whast do others think?
    I do have a D.S.A business for 33 years and school bus driver sub. for 17 yrs.
    Thank you,
    Joseph Sablic

  7. steven

    not bad for a blog… all though i say let nature take its course….. also use the laws of attraction …. that works best… and pray …. too

  8. Rose Cocca

    i know my love life is on right track..i could feel it…we are starting to communiate with each other…we went that far…it will go farther…we just have to have faith in each other.and i know it will work..


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