3 Reasons to Break His Heart

Fact: Everyone hates breakups. While being dumped may be the worst position to be in at the end of a relationship, doing the dumping is never fun either, which is why we tend to ignore the signs telling us it’s time to move on. Here are a few clues that your best move may be to break his heart now and save yourself from a messier cleanup later.

1. You Don’t Want to Be Intimate With Him

Whether you have yet to sleep together, or have been intimate in the past, if the thought of being with him in that way currently turns you off, you’re better off ending things now. If you’re like most women, you are probably looking for that guy who simultaneously adores you and is your best friend, and when you find such a guy, even if you’re not interested in an intimate relationship with him, you may try to talk yourself into staying with him. And it’s tempting. If you have great conversations and experiences together, if he dotes on you and always puts you first, it can be hard to let that go. If this is the case, you need to (wo)man up and take responsibility for your feelings in the relationship. You can’t control the chemistry you have with others. Even if you love each other, without physical chemistry, you’re dealing with a friendship, not a romantic relationship. It’s best to be strong enough to cut him loose to allow each of you to find the “right” person.

2. You Often Think About What It’d Be Like to Date Other Men

A little human curiosity is healthy and natural when it comes to the opposite sex. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you’re not dead, as they say. But if you’re imagining entire relationships with other men, you may want to rethink your arrangement. Constantly comparing other men to your mate and daydreaming about potential partners is a sure sign that your heart has moved on, even if your head hasn’t. Be brave and sever your romantic ties—he’ll be able to find someone truly into him, and you’ll be free to appease your roving eye.

3. You Two Never Talk About Your Future Together

Living in the now is a beautiful thing, but planning for the future is the key to achieving your life goals. Relationships are meant to grow and change, and if both partners want to build a future together, they will envision that future in their present lives. No matter how well the two of you may work together today, both of you must be willing and interested in working towards future goals as a couple tomorrow. If you indeed are looking for Mr. Right, it’s best to make yourself available for the guy with whom you’ll be eager to plan a future.

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One thought on “3 Reasons to Break His Heart

  1. hnmacabela

    It seems, you talking to me, that’s exactly the situation I’m on. I love the guy, but I’m not in love with him anymore, I don’t feel him, he bores me, he’s hardly taking me out, we always meet in doors. I’ve met quite few good guys out there who are interested in me, but I neglected them for I said I have a “man”, a man who can’t even talk about our future, a man who is not even interested about my background.

    Thank you, I will make use of all these steps, especially number 1. I will use number 2 in my favor and number 3 against him. It’s about time, I get out of this mess.


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