3 Big Relationship Mistakes

How to Recover From Them

It’s inevitable—we will make some big mistakes within the numerous relationships we have throughout life. If we can be more savvy about the typical traps couples fall into, and be well-armed with the antidotes for these mishaps, the journey may just be a little bit smoother! Here are three relationship mistakes that if you’re aware of, you can avoid.

Straying Eyes

Admittedly, we are all human, and just because we are in a happy, committed relationship does not mean we’re blind and neutered. Finding other people attractive (and harmless flirting) is healthy, but that’s as far as things should ever go. As soon as one person develops feelings for someone else and begins to think about acting on those feelings, the relationship is in big trouble. If one of you has done this, you need to have a heart to heart talk—either you both agree to refocus on your relationship, or you split up and see other people. If you stay together, ties must be cut with the other person you had feelings for. If actual cheating has occurred, the same applies, except that major trust has to be rebuilt between the two of you (and unfortunately an act this devastating to the relationship may have damaged it beyond repair). It’s up to you two to decide the next step. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!


Sharing so much of yourself and your life with another person is bound to make you feel attached to them. But there’s healthy and unhealthy attachment. If one person begins to feel like they can’t function as well without the other, then this phenomenon has begun to take place. There should never be a loss of identity or a feeling of being “less-than” without your partner around. If you feel like things could be slipping in this direction, take back some of your independence. Make yourself do some daily things on your own again until you feel capable and self-sufficient. It’s great to be able to lean on one another during the tough times, but don’t lose faith in your own personal strength and individuality!

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Taking Them for Granted

It’s easy to get too comfortable in a long-term relationship; becoming complacent and taking one another for granted. When you stop appreciating each other, the challenges and imperfections between you two gain more strength. Relationships are lots of work. If you begin to lose sight of your partner’s strengths and positive qualities, when things get tough the negative may seem to outweigh the positive. Not good. Take the time to reflect on why you are with this person and why you fell in love with them. What we focus on gains strength, so make sure to include your partner’s beauty and assets in your daily looking glass!

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3 thoughts on “3 Big Relationship Mistakes

  1. Araanza

    Wow!! Great points!! Absolutely number 3 it’s so important!! Well taking your love one for granted it’s a huge mistake!! When we just don’t remember the little details, the moments just for you and him-her, there’s a disconnection that can be fatal for a relationship, and most of the times we realize it too late!!!?

  2. Chuck

    Wow looks like you hit all three of my relationship with my best friend who is a women. Let’s see, wondering eyes, yes I had them the first time I saw this lady, I was immediately attracted to her. I went on with my life as usual, she had a baby but weren’t introduced to one another till much later. Her neighbor kept talking about me and how I knew how do deal with some things. At first she called me, knowing who she was I immediately turned her down for help. She then came to my business to talk with me and told her id think about it but it was something for a spouse to do not a stranger. I decided to offer my help. It started out just talking n we would start meeting over her friends house. She started texting me day n night it was like an instant connection. When I had to go out of town she wanted to go with me, and eventually did. She was real attached n didn’t want to be without me. I mistook this for love but you see I became her security blanket. She wanted to get out of the relationship she was in at present n I tried to help her do this but one thing lead to another n never left him. By now I fell in love with this women, we did everything together. She started sneaking me in the house. We never made love but just held one another n kissed. I am still stuck in this crazy relationship waiting for her now for almost 3 freaking years. Since then I lost my wife of 35 years she passed away, after that I lost my businesses I built all my money n my house. All I have left is my truck I’m living in at times cuz she won’t let me go. Its crazy but I am still in love with her and tried to leave her several times but she still got me to come back to her without hope of going further in our relationship. I still can’t believe I gave up everything for love. Its like she is possessed with me n its so hard do live without me. She can’t even go to the store without me. I have been told to run from her n I’ve tried but I’m stuck. Help!!


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