10 Great Date Ideas He’ll Be Into

There are three qualities that every man secretly wants to detect in every woman on a first date.

Most people’s choice of dateis pretty uninspired. When I ask women on our seminars to list their typical date locations I always hear some variation on the same predictable three:

1. Pubs/bars
2. Restaurant
3. Movies

These aren’t awful, but they are boring.

If I had to pick a worst one from the above list for a first date it would have to be the movies, purely because it hardly counts as a proper first date.


The cinema involves both of you sitting, not talking for about an hour and a half, with all your focus on the film instead of each other.

There’s no room for flirting, connecting, and you miss out on the whole point of the date (to get to know each other!).

So let’s take a look at some more interesting dates that he could never refuse:

1. Ice Cream Instead of Coffee – Why? Because sending the text “I fancy some ice cream, you have to try this place on xxx street, they have the most amazing toppings” is so much more intriguing than asking a guy to go for coffee. Also, it’s easy to chat about silly things like ice cream flavours (Interesting conversation point: The “Fat Duck restaurant” serves scrambled egg and bacon ice cream.)

But most of all, who’s going to refuse an invitation for ice cream?

2. Picnic – A great one if it’s summer. You can both bring different food, which will make you both feel instantly closer since you both invested in the date. (If he’s lazy, just tell him to bring wine, and you can bring the cupcakes).

3. Afternoon Tea – Any places that do afternoon tea and cakes are also more interesting than just having drinks. Plus you can send a playful sophisticated text saying: “I plan on taking afternoon tea with some crumpets tomorrow, if you would be so gracious as to join me x”.

4. Adrenaline-Fueled Dates – e.g. Theme parks, adventure activities. In the book 59 Seconds, Professor Richard Wiseman shows how studies have confirmed that dates that create excitement and a sense of the unknown bring people closer together. When you both experience something entirely different, unusual or thrilling you both fast-forward to generating a much closer rapport. This doesn’t even have to be white-knuckle roller coasters (as fun as they are!), it could be doing some physical activity, or taking an adventurous walk and getting lost in the countryside.

5. Ghost Tour – Even better yet, take him somewhere frightening. Lots of towns and big cities have ghost tours. You get to learn something spooky history, and he gets the chance to hold your hand when you pretend to be scared.

6. The Zoo – Sometimes dates are just a great opportunity to do something you fancy doing that you haven’t in a long time. The zoo is an easy date for conversation, because all you have to do is focus on the animals and talk as you go along.

7. Comedy Night – Comedy is great because it’s usually short and something that will loosen you up and make it easier to chat during breaks (stand-up comedy usually has lots of little intervals in between acts). Plus you can easily turn this date into drinks or a quick bite to eat afterwards, but you’ll have more to talk about now e.g. You can ask him what his opening joke would be for his stand-up routine.

8. Wine-Tasting – Every man secretly wishes he knew more about wine. A tasting is the perfect mix of conversation, drinking, and absorbing some handy tips that make you sound like an expert on wine to your friends and family. What’s not to like?

9. DVD and Indoor Feast – The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not scrap the fancy dates and go stock up on his favourite junk food and set out a picnic in his bedroom. Obviously this is one for when you’ve already been dating a while, but if you surprise him with this, he’ll be yours forever.

10. High-Stakes Poker and Whisky – All guys fancy themselves as James Bond, and what’s more, they are desperate for an opportunity to show it to you. Have some close friends over, bring a poker set, and bluff your way through the whole game.

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8 thoughts on “10 Great Date Ideas He’ll Be Into

  1. manoubia

    if you sepend 1 week with aguy that you did like too much, will be him who should call before or me, am confused, i feel if i will call, he will think that i want to stick on him and i don’t want to do that. should I invite him to my house or not ?

  2. avon

    I have a few men that I’m really interested in and want to be with I just don’t know what to feel when I spend time with them and don’t hear a phone call?? Why is that? I feel like I’m doin something wrong…and just when I’m about to give up hope and turn my phone off 1 of the 3 or all end up either sending me a text or a phone call…what does this mean about me are they interested in me or is it what I’m doin I have no problem speaking I socialize everywhere I go and I get compliments when I spend time with the men I deal with…so is it just my own inner insecurity that makes me feel that I will never here from these men again or something I need to change. The first thing I feel when I text them or call and get no response for the day that their with some one else or just not into me?!.

  3. renee hooten

    10 dates: i think women should be prepared to do something “guys” typically do with other guys.. like dirt track racing which is pretty inexpensive, heck go fishing…. i believe men like a girl that can get dirty and laugh about it…. i am in my best relationship yet,…. becuase he met me and i had no makeup on and no reservations about him being “the one” at the time we did not even think twice about it…

  4. Ann


    My two cents:
    Not only first dates, women need to pay attention and research a man’s background before getting to involved. Talk to their friends, look up their history (married/single, etc), visit them in their home and surroundings….you’ll be amazed at what you can find out. If there are red flags check them out before getting emotionally involved. It’s even worth paying $40 or $60 dollars for a “spokeo” detailed info about the person….

    Yes, nonsense has happened to me. Best be safe than sorry!

  5. Rose Cocca

    i really dont like to go to the movies on the first date…it is boring..there is no chance of getting to know one another..i would to go for a ride..go into the city and walk around…go for dinner…i like just a plain date…and as myself i will go to wherever the guy want to go..i happy doing anything…whatever he likes to do i will do..im a very funny person when it comes to dating ..i dont want the guy to spend to much money..it only a date to enjoy….

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Desperate,

    If you read this then…..

    Please call me…….I have experience in reading on,… and helping women get out of domestic violence situations….

    ..and in helping victims of domestic violence to heal and take back their power.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Chandira

    Great article Matthew, but one comment, that suggestion of taking a guy out into the country and getting lost in the wild, is a bit scary for some women. It’s not a safe thing to do these days!! Likewise any of the suggestions that involve meeting somewhere private!
    I have never encountered a scary first date, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

    Women should be encouraged and supported and reminded about safety on a first date!

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I like the ghost idea, the zoo idea ( I prefer a wildlife habitat instead of a zoo though if you both love animals, but that’s just me )…..

    and most guys like classic car shows, boating shows…..you get the idea.


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