10 Disaster-Proof Dating Tips

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong on a date. Thankfully, a good portion of these mistakes are easily overcome, and they won’t make a big difference in the overall opinion of your date. However, with that said, there are ten dating disasters that can ruin a date just as fast as halitosis and wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants. Let’s look at the top ten disasters to avoid, from the least to most offensive.

10. You Ask. You Pay.

While some people like to go dutch, and others prefer to play the old I’ll go for my wallet and hope the other persons offers to pay routine, the simplest rule is to assume that whoever did the asking should do the treating. The awkward moment of receiving the check and partaking in the who should pay shuffle, should be eliminated.

9. Never Assume Anything

Many dating disasters happen because we assume things we really shouldn’t. Just because you met someone through a singles chat forum or speed dating event doesn’t mean they’re single, available, ready, or even looking for a relationship. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, you should have an idea of whether they’re single, attached, living with someone, married, divorced, or practicing being divorced.

8. Lazy Communication

This is an age of technology, but some people are very put of by the idea of lazy communication. This means asking someone out, canceling, or even announcing you’re going to be late through a text or e-mail. Anyone who is reliant on texts to keep in touch is a red flag for someone who could be lazy in relationships (as well as in the bedroom).

7. Conservative Humor

Studies show that humor is one of the main things people look for in a partner. In particular, women look for a man to make them laugh, and men look for a woman who will laugh at them. Since part of witty humor is often poking fun of various social groups and ideals, if you don’t want to cause hard feelings, stay away from the edgy humor until you know your date better.

6. Be On Time

Even if you plan on being late to your own funeral, lateness to a date signifies indolence, disrespect, immaturity, and downright lameness! If you’re going to be ten or fifteen minutes late, it’s polite to let your date know. This could mean the difference between a warm welcome and a cold shoulder. If it’s convenient, talk in person, rather than relying on lazy communication.

5. Don’t Read Too Much Into the Date

We get in a lot of trouble when we try to read too much into a date. While there are definitely clues to be found in a person’s body language, it’s very easy to get the wrong idea. As long as you feel relaxed and are having a good time, you should assume that your date is feeling the same way. Perhaps the deadliest of dating disasters is when you’ve missed an opportunity due to fear of rejection.

4. Plan an Early Escape Route

If you’ve been in the dating scene for any length of time, you’ve probably been on a date where every minute felt like an hour in line at the DMV. First meetings should be executed at a coffee shop or similar establishment, where your commitment to the date is limited to only a half hour or so.

3. No Surprises Until You Know the Person Better

Some people mean well when they surprise a date with their favorite restaurant or concert, but they could be setting themselves up for a disaster if the person has an allergy or personal vendetta against the performer. This one goes along with planning an early escape route. Keep it simple in the early stages.

2. Don’t Get Drunk

What often happens is that in trying to calm your nerves, you get a little carried away. Nothing says romance like slurred speech and unwanted rainbow showers (yuck).

1. Good Personal Hygiene… Check!

I hate to mention this, as you’ve heard it a million times, but considering that it could make or break a date in a matter of one eye or nostril befalling on something wicked, it bears repeating: You are how you present yourself, so make sure you’re putting your cleanest foot forward.

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4 thoughts on “10 Disaster-Proof Dating Tips

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  2. Nena

    Speaking of escape routes, sometimes you literally need one! I remember a guy I went out on one date with was really creepy, bordering on the point of scaring me. I felt that uneasy heart in my throat, hairs on my neck vibe. I excused myself to the bathroom and then put my hair up in a bun, put on my glasses, took off my jacket and took off my long earrings and decorative scarf so I would look different and then snuck out the back door!

    Later I found out he was jailed for beating up the next girl he dated. =(

  3. Cameron ext 5412


    This list is awesome – definitely “print out and put on the refrigerator” material. I especially love #8, #7, #2, #6, #9….oh, I love them all!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great tips Eric !!

    And even though I plan on being late for my own funeral, punctuality, among the living, is important to me.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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