10 Affair Proof Relationship Tips

Cheating is never something we want to think about. It is horrifying, painful, destructive, and heart wrenching. The only problem with the “insert head in sand” method of prevention is that it never works. Remember, infidelity is not something that is inflicted by bad people. Temptation can fall upon anyone, at any time. Commitment is not a natural drive, it is something that is learned and fostered over time.

Love is a privilege and should never be taken for granted, which is why it is so important to affair proof your relationship, by maintaining the same quality of love, romance, and passion that it started with. Here are 10 simple ways to earn the love and respect of your partner — and keep it:

1. Know your partner. Another common cause of infidelity is the lack of really knowing who your partner is. There are important questions to consider before making any commitment.

2. Nobody is immune from temptation. The easiest way to resist it is to avoid it. Thoughts can become actions, be careful what you wish for.

3. Wear your wedding ring at all times as a reminder of your commitment. If you can see it on your finger, it will also be on your mind and in your heart.

4. Infatuation is mostly chemical. In other words, your brain magnifies a strangers attractiveness considerably. Affairs are not as fulfilling as your brain may tell you they are.

5. Remind yourself of why you first fell in love with your partner.

6. Many times when a lover feels neglected, they search for excitement outside the relationship. Feed that anxious energy into your partner, by looking for new experiences to enjoy together.

7. If you sense something is wrong with your partner, ask about itnever harbor bad feelings.

8. Integrate your life with your partner by finding like interests you can both enjoy, such as traveling, cooking, or going out for daily walks.

9. Bring your partner with you to majority of friend and business outings. In sight is in mind.

10. Stop focusing on the bad, and concentrate on what’s good in the relationship. Bad energy breeds more bad energy.

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