In Memory of Psychic Nigel

A Deep and Profound Loss for the California Psychics Community

We are sad to report that a profound loss has occurred within our California Psychics family. Psychic advisor Nigel ext. 5311 passed away in his sleep last night. We are both shocked and saddened. He was dedicated to his clients and very concerned about helping everyone in the best ways possible. His energy lit up our lives and graced all that knew him. We miss Nigel a great deal, but feel his presence around us. His words of wisdom were often direct and to the point. One could learn so much from just listening to Nigel for a few minutes. With over 50 years of professional psychic experience, he helped guide countless clients to better places in their lives. There is no doubt that Nigel has left an indelible mark of graciousness and positivity in our memories.

Nigel first became a California Psychic in April of 2010. It was an absolute joy and privilege to work with Nigel from the first minute he applied. We vividly remember the excitement we felt when he started on the line! We loved watching his business take off, and once someone discovered him, they quickly became a regular caller. He inherited his metaphysical abilities from his grandmother who became his mentor at the young age of 15. A grand gentleman with a deep perspective, his engaging readings added new dimension to each caller’s life. We plan to leave his profile up for the next week so that clients may hear his voice again in his audio biography and read all of his beautiful testimonials.

He is survived by a loving family and host of friends. He will never be forgotten, and we are so much greater for having known him.

92 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Nigel

  1. phillip9485Phillip 9485

    There are no words that suffice. “Blessed are those that grieve, for they shall be comforted”. Let us celebrate his loving service.

  2. Aisha ext 5865

    Rest in Peace dear one, we know that you will continue to serve others by being one of those loving souls beyond the veil who shares your wisdom and light through others. Many blessings to the family and friends of Nigel. May you each find comfort in the memories you have and the knowledge that he continues to live on and is always present in your lives.

  3. Pilar ext 5677

    May The God Most High of the Universe hold you with warmth and everlasting love.

    With Love, and Praise, and Gratitude

    Pilar Ext 5677

  4. Raina

    My prayers are with Nigel, his family and friends. I believe he will continue to stay close to everyone who was so dear and loved by him. Namaste, peace and light.
    Ext 5057

  5. Kallista ext. 9623

    This is truly sad. Sending prayers to Nigel as he begins life on the Other Side, and to his loved ones who remain on Earth. Nigel will be a wonderful guardian angel. I can feel it.

    Thank you for your beautifully moving and poignant tribute to him, Jennifer.

  6. Hildie

    my best wishes for him and his family he surely is in a better place now where he can give insight for everyone above and beyond!

  7. Psychic Madeline

    My deepest condolences to Nigel’s family, friends, clients and CP family. He was a treasure and will be sorely missed.
    XXOO Madeline

  8. Denisha

    Blessings to Nigel’s family and loved ones. May your hearts be lightened by the love we send to you and yours.


  9. Psychic Cecilia

    I never got to know him, but, his light shines from his face when I see his photo – his was a deeply devoted and loving Spirit. He now watches over us and will continue to comfort us from Beyond. He is healed of any infirmity and I look forward to the time when I shall be greeted by him when it is my true time to go…
    A loving soul and a generous man. He shall be deeply missed.
    Light and Love Guide Us Always,

  10. Roxanne x5767

    Although we mourn for you Nigel we also celebrate with those loved ones who have gone before you as they greet you with open arms….Eternal joy and perfect love surround you for all time…xoxo

  11. Violet

    My deepest condolences to Nigel’s family. The few times I spoke to him he was so caring . Blessed be

  12. Pilar ext. 5677

    May The God Most High Of The Universe hold you Nigel with warmth and everlasting love.

    With Love, Praise, and Gratitude


  13. Pilar ext. 5677

    May The God Most High of the Universe hold you with warmth and everlasting Love.

    With Love Praise and Gratitude,


  14. Raina

    My prayers and sympathy are with Nigel and his family now. I know Nigel will have peace and believe he will continue to touch the lives of those dear to him.

  15. Vali ext 5062

    Blessed are the ones that go before us and prepare the way – Nigel, what a beautiful soul, insightful and kind, a true professional! You will be greatly missed, but your wisdom and memory lives on. Loves Out to your family and friends. Angel Blessings, Vali

  16. psychic asuma

    Sweet spirit, You’ve completed your mission here with us . All prayers go to your survivors.R I P .
    Ext 6295

  17. Maggie x5027

    My condolences to his family and friends. It is a terrible loss for those who loved and knew him. He will be deeply missed by all whose lives he touched.


  18. Devyn5303

    Sending my prayers and love to his family and friends. You will be very missed. Thank you for being an earth angel and using your gifts to bring peace and comfort to so many.

  19. Kavita Exxt 5757

    Can’t stop crying! 🙁 Such A HUGE LOSS! He WILL live on thru ALL of us. SMIB LOVE & Ligh our Dear Brother, Friend Conifidante & Mentor! Love n Light ALWAYS 🙂 🙁 🙂

  20. peyton x5312

    Heaven is lucky to have you back home! You were a gift to so many here on earth. Sending love and light to you and your family! xo

  21. Psychic Dawn

    My heart aches for those he left behind. He will be missed, never forgotten. Blessed Be, Namaste Nigel. Dawn

  22. Jeremiah

    We thank God for all the people you helped. Your work in this world was not in vain. Now God is giving you rest and reward. To the family, the lord be with you and your sprit.

  23. charlie ext: 5277

    i feel very deeply for the loss of our brother in the path , may the ligth of the great IM shine on his face AMEN

  24. samadi

    Nigel was a true warrior of Spirit and a blessed gift to all who had the gift of his love, wisdom and truth. Safe journey home dear brother. Sending healing light and lov to all of his family, friends and loved ones. Namaste, Samadi

  25. Ronnie

    have been told by others about this kind & gentleman that cared about so many people in his life.May he rest in peace & be guided gentle into heaven. I am sure all the angels are with him.May his family find peace & recall all the wonderful memories they have of him.Memory is one gift from God that death does not destroy. Peace & love to all his family & friends…………Ronnie 9270

  26. Logan ext.5089

    My prayers to his family, friends and clients. Rest in peace Nigel.

    Ext. 5089

  27. Demi

    Thank you for you service all these years! Your an inspiration ! Bless you and your family… May your spirit continue its work on the other side…. We will meet again 🙂 until next time ! Demi

  28. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    it always feels like a part of me is fading when one of the family of psychic passes.
    with deep respect and sadness –
    may your family have great memories and hold you dear to their hearts as many in this family will.
    Buddha bless,

  29. Johnnie

    Nigel, Bless you for you will be missed by so many. I will never forget you kindness and your beautiful sense of humor. Thank you, for always being there. My heart goes out to your family for the loss of such a wonderful person.
    Love & light, Johnnie

  30. Psychic Lucy

    Nigel is a force of nature, a truly lovely man. I had the privilege of reading with him years ago and listened to his every work , a great psychic, a great person

  31. Bellina

    My Dearest Nigel, you are my teacher,my mentor, and my friend. You promised, you will always be here with us. I am holding you to that promise!!!!! Thank you so much for all you taught me. I Love You….Now & Forever.


  32. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Rest in Peace, Nigel, all of us here will miss you dearly.

    Be Blessed,
    Gina Rose )O(

  33. Psychic Daphne

    My deepest condolences for Nigel’s beloved family, friends and clients. What an angel he was and now, flying with his tribe on the other side. What a beautiful legacy to leave behind <3 Be well Angel Nigel and fly free xoxo
    In Love & Light, Daphne


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