Will Your Holiday Honey Last Through the New Year?

The holidays really become special when you are heating up the hearth with a new lover in your life. The candles flicker a little brighter, the Christmas music rings out joy and the snow sparkles with the knowledge that love has come – but how long will it stay?

Here are three telltale signs your love won’t get packed up and put away with the ornaments:

All of your friends are asking, and hoping you bring your new better half to their party.
Couples have their own energy which they create together, and others can sense the harmony or chaos this energy emits. Friends often, very often, can sense if a relationship is on solid ground. And, it’s our closest friends who give us the hint that our certain someone perhaps isn’t as great as we think. Listen to the people who really know you and want you to be genuinely happy, because they may sense something that you miss in your blissful state. If your friends want to draw near to the warm energy you create together, it shows the depth of your connection. If your friends are hoping you are arriving solo, perhaps you should keep this one short and sweet.

You argue over whose family to visit – because you BOTH can’t wait to meet the other’s parents!
When you fall for someone deeply, you have a great interest in the other people who love the person you adore. You are willing to push aside feelings of awkwardness or trepidation because you want to be with this person and know them intimately and that means meeting “the fam.” The momentum to take to the next level of commitment isn’t just you wishing and hoping, both partners want the same progression of sharing lives. You aren’t in it for the fancy presents, you are in it to stay.

You were genuinely attracted to them before the holidays.
Tis’ the season for family and friends and also, depression. 30 to 40% of people report increased feelings of loneliness in the months between Halloween and the New Year. The anticipation of loneliness at the holidays can make a friend suddenly seem like just the thing to turn the lonely nights into mistletoe moments. After the last present is unwrapped, if it lasts that long, you’ll be aching for a refund. If your heat started before the turkey defrosted, there is a better chance that the compatibility, companionship and romance will last through all the seasons.

No matter what the fates dictate, your feelings today are exciting and new and they belong to you. Enjoy the skip in your step and the dreams they bring. Each person who comes into our lives has something to teach us. We attract who we are and we dance with our own shadow and light. Take a spin on the dance floor and embrace the moment!

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