Their Sun Sign and the Perfect Gift

The Astrology of Meaningful Gift Giving

The holidays are an overwhelming time, and choosing the perfect gifts for our loved ones is not an easy task. Sometimes it helps to go back to basics and choose simple presents with astrology in mind. Consider their zodiac signs when buying them gifts. Here are my suggestions.

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Ariens are usually very active, so anything activity-related is guaranteed to keep your Aries loved one happy. Exercise or sports equipment, a gym membership or a golf membership will probably appeal to them. An Arien would also get a lot of use out of a beautiful weekend bag. They can use it for their next trip, as they’re usually out and about, or they can take it to the gym.


Taurus is a very artistic sign, and Taureans usually have excellent taste and stylishly decorated homes. An ornament or a plump cushion might be something to consider, especially if the materials are high quality and luxurious. Copper, velvet and cashmere are among their favorite materials. Taureans also like to express themselves on paper, so get them art supplies. A box of watercolors and some paintbrushes would help them to create some beauty.


Geminis love to communicate, so they would adore the latest gadgets that allow them to communicate quickly and effectively. A new phone will help them connect with as many people as possible. Geminis also like to keep their senses stimulated. They like to laugh at joke gifts, and anything that keeps their minds busy is a perfect gift. Scrabble, or any other board game, will keep their minds busy.


Cancerians tend to have an interest in history, so a simple history book will probably be welcomed. Alternatively, tickets to a lecture or a show about history might appeal, or tickets to visit a period building, historical site or museum will also make them happy. Since the home is extremely important to Cancerians, perhaps a book on Feng Shui would help them make the best of their space. You could even gift them a visit from a Feng Shui expert to get their home arranged in a way that will bring them health, wealth and happiness.


Leos respond very well to grand gestures! A Leo female will always appreciate a huge bouquet of flowers. Lilies and roses will please them. Just make sure they’re beautifully presented and that there are plenty of them. A Leo male will like a large bottle of his favorite alcohol. Think big and think stylish. Leos of either sex love jewelry. Chunky, gold jewelry will draw them in.


Virgos are well known for their cooking skills, so gift them a lesson to enable them to impress everyone with their attention to detail. Kitchen equipment would also go down well, as long as it’s simple and stylish. Virgos are attuned to quality and are often very interested in food, especially health food, as they are very health-conscious. A box of quality vegan chocolate, well presented and made with the finest ingredients, would be a simple and elegant gift. A hamper of healthy food would also be a suitable gift.


Librans value harmony in their homes and personal lives. What can you get for the Libran in your life that will enable them to increase positive vibes? A beautiful scented candle made with natural wax and pure essential oils will bring peace to their senses. A silk negligee or pajamas, or some silk bed sheets would help your Libran get a good night’s sleep. A certificate for an aromatherapy massage would bring relaxation and balance, as would a spa day. Librans love relaxation and they value a good rest!


Scorpios like to delve deeply into things, and they are in their element when they are unraveling a mystery. If your Scorpio is a big reader, crime fiction or even nonfiction is a good choice. Perhaps a detective novel will keep his or her mind in problem-solving mode. As Scorpios love to delve into the unknown, what better gift to give them than a pack of Tarot cards? There are so many decks to choose from, but Scorpios love strong, dark shades of red, and dramatic, mysterious images. A Tarot deck with intense, hypnotic artwork would be a wonderful choice.


Sagittarians value experiences over material things, so tickets for a skydive or rock climbing would appeal to their sense of adventure, as would tickets to a circus to see other people taking outrageous risks. Keeping the mind of a Sagittarian active is also important. Most Sagittarians would love a telescope so they can expand their horizons through the exploration of space. This will appeal to their eagerness to travel and learn.


Capricorns are studious and traditional, so classic literature is perfect for this sign. A beautiful, cloth-bound or leather-bound edition of a classic novel would be an ideal choice. Whether it is a classic novel that they know and love, or something they haven’t read before, it will be appreciated. The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and the planet Saturn is the ruler of time! Therefore it could be fun to purchase a time-related gift such as a clock or a watch for your punctual Capricorn.


Aquarians are the natural astrologers of the zodiac, so you might find that your Aquarian friend would appreciate a book on astrology in order to develop their chart reading skills. Aquarius is also a famously humanitarian sign, and, they will almost always appreciate a donation to charity as opposed to a gift. Perhaps you could sponsor a child or an animal for them. They will appreciate a humanitarian gesture more than a material gain.


Photography is a Piscean gift. A camera or some photographic equipment would help your Piscean loved one explore life through the lens. As free-spirited children of the universe, Pisceans are always searching for the place they belong. A beautiful globe for them to put in their home would enable and encourage them to fantasize about traveling the world and swimming in clear seas, and perhaps even encourage them to put those plans into reality and fulfill their travel dreams.

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