Psychic Answers: Holiday Spirit Without Holiday Spending

Are the holidays about buying the biggest, most expensive presents possible, or are there other ways to show love – perhaps ones that are even more meaningful, because they’re not wrapped up in the buying and selling cycle? We asked our psychics what they thought about how to have a happy holiday season while skipping the consumer frenzy:

Jesse ext. 9027 says:

“My all time favorite thing to do with friends and ‘framily’ (those friends who are closer than blood relatives) is to pop popcorn and string long garlands of it, along with cranberries, while listening to great holiday tunes (and usually singing off key!). Then we take the garlands outside and drape them all over the trees in the backyard. It’s fun and costs almost nothing, and it’s a blast to see the birds, squirrels and other beings who have stayed with us through the Winter enjoying our presents. (Also, eating the popcorn while you’re stringing and singing is fun, too!)”

Faith ext. 9608 says:

“One of the holiday traditions I enjoy the most at Christmas is being able to give a little happiness to a few of the children in my community. Our local market displays stockings on a Christmas tree with children’s names on them. This year, I’ve chosen to give a few gifts to two teenage girls. The feelings of gratitude and joy that fill my heart from being able to participate in this small act are profound and precious. In my mind, giving is most decidedly the spirit of Christmas.”

Trinity ext. 5275 says:

“Many years back, I was a struggling single mother of four young children. Money was very tight indeed. I had $50 for their entire holiday. My mother had died at the beginning of the month, preceded by my father and son.

“I bought beautiful stationary and ribbon and asked each child to write a wish, one wish per family member. Roll it up, then place a ribbon on it. That morning, as the snow gently fell, we cuddled together and read our wishes out loud to each other. I will never forget the beauty of this event, and so instituted this as a family tradition.

“All these years later, I have saved one wish, and review it from time to time—the wish I received from my youngest daughter that year. She wrote in childlike scrawl, ‘Momma, I wish you had an easier life.’

“Life was hard then, and it is a blessing to remember where you come from…”

Rivers ext. 5273 says:

“There’s nothing more magical than a walk in the woods after a fresh snow fall. A great way to reconnect with nature.”

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