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Holistic Holiday Survival Toolkit | California Psychics

Holidays of Cheer Not Fear

We spend the whole year working for a few vacation days and some end-of-the-year holidays, but when the time comes, we are hit with multiple stressors. Holidays should be infused with love, kindness, and mindfulness, not fatigue and anxiety – a time where we reset our mind and body, not put it in overdrive. With proper care we can balance the traditions, relatives we’ve grown apart from, consumerism, and everything that comes with the holidays. So, let’s take a deep breath and celebrate what we have worked so hard for. Because the destination isn’t only going “home” but also being able to carry the comfort of being home within us.

In this season of giving, start by giving something to yourself. Let’s do this together – let’s enjoy the holidays all over again with this Mindful Holistic Guide to the Holidays. We’ll begin a small toolkit that you can put together and carry with you wherever you will end up spending your time this holiday season. Here are a few crystals and other items for your toolkit:

  • Carnelian- This crystal is perfect for keeping our energy and spirits up when we feel bombarded with sounds, lights, and people – all of which is in abundance during the holidays. This comforting and supportive crystal can help you stay focused in conversations, give you vitality to listen more carefully, and contribute according to your needs.
  • Hematite- You know that one family member who has extreme views which you just can’t seem to stand, the one who exacerbates your anxiety and brings you a little down. Hematite is the perfect stone to keep around so you can turn negative energies into positive vibrations. So, no matter the situation, you can keep your cool, and continue to glow with confidence and positivity. If you have this crystal lying around, you may never even have to tap into that because it will keep the energy of that room at equilibrium.
  • Citrine- Its radiant golden color helps bring light where there may be darkness filled with negative energy. A strategically placed Citrine can keep everyone in a brighter flow through the room.
  • Brown Tourmaline- Going home can mean a lot of things, including revisiting old wounds that we have pushed aside. This grounded crystal can do wonders in maintaining mindfulness of emotional wounds that may resurface this holiday season. It can help you focus on the now by giving an emotional understanding of the past.
  • Shungite- We live in a world infested by devices that give off all kinds of harmful waves, and until we find a more resourceful way of dealing with that, you can keep a Shungite on you to absorb these EMF’s and create space for more positive energy.
  • Sage- An essential component for any clean, spiritual spaces. Burning sage takes the heavy load of clearing out negative and harmful energy that may have you feeling sluggish or depressed, giving you a clean slate to bring better vibrations in a more blessed space.
  • Incense- The two incense to keep lit around this time is Cherry and Frankincense. The scent of black cherry correlates with relaxation, but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is good to have in climates where the weather may put your immune system at risk. Frankincense on the other hand has properties that promote peace and tranquility and can help resolve arguments and reestablish broken friendships.
  • Essential Oils- Having a small stash of essential oils with you that you can rub onto your temples in a pinch is a great way to keep your stress in a manageable level during those difficult family dinners. Some of the best oils to keep with you during these times are lavender, which will not only ease your anxiety, but can help you fall asleep at night, ylang ylang oil, a scent that helps to uplift your feelings and leave you feeling a bit tranquil, and geranium oil, which is said to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • An Affirmation Deck- When our energy is low, it is difficult to keep your positivity up, and the holidays have a way of draining our energy like no other time of the year. On those mornings when you wake up feeling groggy and negative, pull a card from your affirmation deck and feel the positivity flow through you.
  • Your Favorite Cozy Sweater- The holidays are generally colder in the northern hemisphere, and even if you enjoy them, there are moments of stress involved. In moments of stress, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of comfort, so wrap yourself up in the coziest sweater you own and let your troubles melt away for a few moments at least.

Giving Yourself Some Peace

In addition to your holiday survival kit, there are some things you can do to help maintain your equilibrium and keep your energy on a more positive level during the more trying moments of your holidays.

  • Meditation- Ironically, the thought of meditation can be overwhelming. We try to achieve too much and lack time or energy to do it “properly”. Then it becomes a chore and we put it aside. Take a step back, and instead of aiming for a specific goal, just sit down for a few minutes and let the energy flow through. Phones away for this one – it’s an act of self, no one needs to see you meditating on social media. Disconnect to connect with yourself – your mind and body will thank you. Remember, there is no wrong way to meditate, you just have to start.
  • Eat Clean- A good immune system can flush out negative energy around you. Of course, you can indulge in the big feast, but it’s important to recognize that your body doesn’t run on that meal, it rests on it. So, give it something to run on before and after. A green smoothie, foods with antioxidants, and grains or soups that you can integrate into the big meal. Add some nostalgic flavors to it and warm up the soul.
  • Choose Being Social Over Social Media- Sit, talk, listen, relax, and be present. All this needs one thing, and that is for you to let go and to take in the life that is in front of you rather than the one floating in air in front of your face. Once social media consumption is managed, it will be easier to focus on letting go of the year, (both the good and the  bad) and will help you recognize what the future may hold for you.
  • Accept- With over 7 billion people around the world, ideally, we should have over 7 billion perspectives on how we see the world. It would be detrimental to see life in every way possible, but what we can do is respect where others are coming from. We can take a step back and see why someone we disagree with thinks a certain way, and how their unique experiences led them there. And most importantly we have to recognize that it’s not our responsibility to change someone’s mind on politics, religion, or any other polarizing matter. Listening is the gift we can give ourselves with acceptance as the reward.
  • Appreciate- Children love the holidays because they are thankful for what is around them. Let’s be childish this holiday season. This is what we have worked for. With whatever you are able to achieve this season, be thankful. Remind yourself that your values don’t lie in the number of gifts and shiny objects. Don’t let society shame you for what others may or may not have, you have your own journey, you have your own destination. Allow yourself to feel all kinds of emotions, let them run their course, and remain vibrant, loving, and thankful.

We hope that this toolkit and these tips help to bring you peace, and bring you a little joy throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

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