Give Joy to a Child, Find Peace Within

In this season of giving, you’ve found it tough to justify spending money on yourself – despite the stress you’re under. But this week, you can do two good things at once. Try your first reading between now and December 24th, and your peace of mind will assist Marine Toys for Tots in providing new, unwrapped toys to children in need.

Who deserves your help more than them?

Kids can’t help where they come from. And no matter what they’ve got, each and every one of them wants to experience the spirit of the holidays. Sadly, not all of them are so fortunate. In America alone, there are millions of underprivileged children – children who love to play and read and learn the same way every other kid does – and Toys for Tots helps to bring smiles to their faces.

Regardless of which holidays you celebrate, at this time of year more than any other, light creates light. When you do good for someone else (in this case, kids who could use some good cheer), you automatically benefit yourself by creating good karma. In this rare case, you even reap the instant rewards of guidance and perspective.

By purchasing your first reading with one of our talented Psychic Advisors, you open yourself up to a world of possibility. Do it now, just in time for the New Year and you’ll also be helping underprivileged kids – the very same kids who will shape our future. This week, your reading can really make a difference.

Want to help out those in need? Find out how you can help! Call 1.800.573.7495 or click here now.


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