7 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

In case you forgot, tomorrow is Mother’s Day! We know it can be challenging to come up with new and inventive ways to celebrate so we’ve come up with 7 simple, yet wonderful ways to make sure mom knows how much she is loved and appreciated. Remember, although we should be letting our mom know everyday how much we appreciate her, this is one day in particular to really show her just how much you care. For those mom’s reading this … you know what to do! Drop hints about how you would like to spend your day – be it quiet and alone or surrounded by friends and family!

1. Breakfast in bed – what mom doesn’t love to be catered to … in bed? Make sure you know what she wants to eat and make sure she likes your cooking! If mom isn’t a fan of eating in bed or if you’re not a big cooker, take her out to her favorite restaurant – brunch anyone?

2. Spa day – beauty treatments are a perfect way to remind mom she is beautiful – inside and out! Moms need to be pampered more then anyone and what better way than to send them for a massage, manicure, pedicure or even a blow-dry. They’ll feel rested, loved and beautiful by the end of it … and maybe, like a Queen!

3. Leave her alone – it’s not that moms don’t want you around, but it’s her day to catch up on her! Leave her to read a book, go shopping, paint, knit, drink wine – whatever floats her boat. She’ll be grateful for a whole day to focus just on what she wants to do.

4. Make her dinner – dinner is a big job. Offer to cook one of her favorite meals or, if you really can’t cook, order in her favorite type of food! The bottom line is, you’re in charge. Let her know that she has nothing to worry about,  plan for, or prepare – tonight, it’s on you.

5. Go all out – if mom is the type to love surprises or be the center of attention, than plan something a little bigger then your average afternoon picnic. Get together with friends and family and put together a party to celebrate – an evening cocktail gathering in a backyard, a fun BBQ at a park or reservations at a restaurant never fail!

6. Get creative – moms always have and always will love anything you make her. Paint her a picture (maybe on canvas this time instead of printer paper), write her a poem, sing her a song, even make a slideshow presentation. She loves gifts from the heart and things that let her know you put real effort forth.

7. Take her out for a night on the town – maybe geared towards the husbands or partners, but take her out! Dinner and a movie, dinner and a live theater show, an all day event at her favorite museum – think of things you would normally be “nagged” into and surprise her with “coming up with the idea” yourself.

5 thoughts on “7 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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  3. ivyx5198

    Happy Mommy’s Day!! My daughter treated me like a Goddess!! I am so bless to have her! She waited on me hand and foot. I also got a foot massage. My baby said “mama!!” What a day. I am sooo blessed! Oh yeah, I’m also trying to eat my weight in chocolate covered strawberries (home made) I’ll let you know how I do!!


  4. Abigailx9570

    Great list Justine!!! Can I order some up ? LOL I’m very lucky this year my mother is visiting me from Maine and we will get to spend this years together. I love my Mom she has been my rock and no matter what its been unconditional love. She has given so much to her family on all levels her whole life…..tonight I’m treating her and tommorow the boys will ….

    Many Blessings

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    My daughter sent me a beautiful orchid house plant…..she knows I love plants….and I’m watching a very old movie ( black & white ) tonight named : I Remember Mama starring Irene Dunn…..it was my GrandMothers favorite movie. I watch it once a year on Mothers day.

    Hope all the Ladies had a great day today.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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