5 Ways to Prove Your Love on Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Prove Your Love on Valentine's Day

Make Love a Priority

If you’ve let love fall by the wayside, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make up for that. True, you need to make sure your partner feels your love every day but I know things get in the way, like work obligations and other responsibilities. Still, you need to make love a priority once again. Here are five ways to prove your love on Valentine’s Day.

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1. Make It a Happy Day
If you’re a bit of a pessimist, you may start to worry when life feels good. That’s because you’re certain something bad is just around the corner. You may even wait and wait for it, until it finally comes and you get the “satisfaction” of saying, “I knew it!” Well, bad things are just a part of life and you won’t be happy unless you learn how to deal with the bad things. This has nothing to do with luck, your genes, your location or your circumstances—you just need to choose to be happy. Despite whatever challenges you or your partner are currently facing, strive to make Valentine’s Day a happy day. Take a break from all your stress and responsibility and just enjoy each other.

2. Make It Their Perfect Day
You may get so caught up in planning the “perfect” Valentine’s Day that you forget to consider what your partner would really enjoy. This holiday doesn’t have to be an Instagramable moment with public displays of affection and grand gestures of love—unless that’s what your partner really wants. And if that’s what you want, know that there’s nothing wrong with sharing your favorite things with the person you love, however, you need to consider their unique interests too. Do the things they like. It will prove you listen to and understand them.

3. Take a Chance
Worried you’ll mess things up, you may be hesitant to take a chance, but you should. That’s because we often lose love because we fall into a routine. The routine might give us a sense of security but it also creates boredom. Love is not a singular moment that stays stationary in time! It’s actually a live entity that needs constant nourishment to maintain. And Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to break from your daily habits and try something that you wouldn’t normally do.

4. Forgive Them
Is there something in your relationship that’s holding you back from moving forward? Perhaps there’s a memory of your partner wronging you that keeps playing over and over in your mind. Relationships and grudges mix about as well as oil and water, so if you’re in it for the long haul (at least for now) do your relationship a favor and grant your partner forgiveness this Valentine’s Day. A relationship left in limbo will only experience increased anger, frustration, and neglect. On the flip side, forgiveness opens up a renewed sense of commitment and the opportunity to see your partner’s positive side.

5. Give Without Expectation
Do you give no more than you get? You may be keeping track of the love your partner gives you, but that’s not a good idea. Instead, give without expectation this Valentine’s Day. Love is not an exchange for goods and services. We give love because it feels good to do so. Give love without pressuring your partner to give it back to you in a certain way. That’s true love! We all give and accept love in different ways, so work to understand your partner’s love in all its many forms. If you learn their love language, you’ll have many happy Valentine’s Days to look forward to.

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