The Partial Solar Eclipse and Your Love Life

The Partial Solar Eclipse and Your Love Life

A Wave of Encouragement From the Universe

On February 15, we’re about to experience our second eclipse of 2018—a New Moon, partial solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. Being so close to Valentine’s Day, the whole week just has a social, playful feel. Some of you may even receive proposals or increased levels of commitment. That’s because the Universe gives us eclipses to change our lives (although sometimes in disruptive ways) and propel us to the next best step.

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Moon and Sun in Aquarius

The Aquarian energy is all about getting out, being social, and doing whatever comes to mind—whenever the mood strikes. Be real, be spontaneous, and live in the moment! That’s the best advice for this quirky yet cozy type of energy, and above all, expect the unexpected. The vibe of the Sun and Moon in Aquarius is urging all of us to step out of our shells and try new things too. You should be open to meeting new people, making new friends, and maybe even starting a romance with someone you thought was completely not your type.

Orbs, Stars, and Planets

As you may know, all points in life can lead to love—where you work, who you bump into at the store or in an exchange of misdelivered mail too. So, while not everyone has this eclipse in a “love house,” there’s still the possibility that this partial solar eclipse could have its eye on your love life. The orbs, stars, and planets are all geared toward making you feel happy.

Take a look below and read the explanation for your Sun sign and your rising sign—because they’re certainly both important—to get a feel for how this eclipse might affect you. Don’t know what your rising sign is? Read with an astrology psychic and find out!


The Sun/Moon energy in your eleventh house of friends, peers, hopes, and wishes makes this the perfect time to get up and boogie. Single or attached, you’re certainly a star in social settings or simply mesmerizing to your date.


Watch out Taurus! Venus, your ruler, is in the sign of dreamy, romantic Pisces and your house of friends and associations while the partial solar eclipse lands straight in your career house. At work or after work, let your fun side show through. It’s perfect for this social eclipse.


With the activation of the eclipse and the Sun in your ninth house, your mind is likely contemplating some heavy life issues. So, let’s get serious! Wouldn’t it be more fun to take that ninth house energy, pack a bag, and spontaneously hit the road or book a flight to a place you’ve never been? If you really need time alone with your thoughts, it’s best to change your environment and enjoy this fun-loving, air sign energy.


Money, relationships, and/or how to improve them seem to be the focus. Fellow water sign, Scorpio, rules this house, so the still waters can run pretty deep. However, try to focus on your abundance and the relationships you most cherish. Most of all, do what makes you happy and stop worrying about it too. This is the house of transformation and that’s what eclipses do best. Enjoy the ride.


Serious relationship alert! The kinky, quirky Aquarius partial solar eclipse is focused on your house of committed relationships. Eclipses can bring about big changes, so if you’re in a relationship, you could very well be experiencing the next level of togetherness. Check out your February Love Horoscope for more information.


You can feel this eclipse’s social and friendly vibe since it occurs in your fellow mutable sign, Aquarius. Along with this eclipse energy, you certainly have plenty of other astrological transits working in your favor that can put your love life or at least your social life on the fast track.


Ooh-la-la, Libra! A partial solar eclipse in Aquarius (a fellow air sign) and your fifth house of fun, dates, and all things social? You couldn’t ask for more. So, whether solo or with a significant other, it’s time to open up your life to new friends, new adventures, and embrace the changes life has to offer.


The Aquarian eclipse brings out your fixed element, and it falls in your fourth house of home. Meanwhile, there’s plenty going on in your playful fifth house, so the tug-of-war you may feel could simply be deciding whether to go out or stay in. If you’re single, no need to worry. Just stay home and have an eclipse-themed party. If you’re attached, take your mate on a romantic date. Change doesn’t have to be daunting.


The doors of communication swing both ways. If they open, you can certainly propel your relationship and/or your relationship status to new heights. Closed? Nothing much changes even when it needs to. You’ll find the words come rather easily during this eclipse.


This partial solar eclipse in Aquarius touches your second house of possessions. If you’re attached, you may be thinking of downsizing or just finding a situation that suits your current lifestyle. If you’re single, you may be thinking that it’s time to change that status. Thankfully, the Aquarian energy lends a little bit of fresh air to areas that may have been stagnant or stale for a bit. You need to shake it up.


This partial solar eclipse in your first house will certainly hit home. This is all about your personal transformation—living where you want, doing what you want, and loving yourself and others the way you want too. It may seem like a lot. However, if you handle it with grace, this eclipse can really be the start of a whole new life for you.


With a partial solar eclipse in your twelfth house and your fellow mutable sign of Aquarius, you may feel the need for privacy or you may need to consider how you put yourself out in the world too. Certainly, there may be a shift, but don’t be overly secretive or overly zealous if you want to get what you need.

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