DreamCast: Rescuing My Guy-Self

Dettes in the City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines writes:

I dream I’m swimming deep down in the water to save someone, and to my surprise, that someone waiting to be rescued is me. It’s not my real image, however, because I look like a guy. Does the dream mean I should save myself for something? Or save myself from something? Or is my soul trapped and needing nourishment? Please help me interpret my dream. Thanks.

Hello Dettes,

The fact that you saved yourself suggests that you feel empowered to handle any problems that arise. That’s a very good thing! The deep water indicates you were exploring the the deeper part of your unconscious. If we take the Jungian view, then everyone has both a feminine (emotional, receptive, passive) and masculine (mental, assertive, direct) side to their psyche. So your guy-self might represent the “masculine” (assertive) part of you. What’s interesting is that you needed to rescue this part of yourself. Have you had a difficult time taking action or standing up for yourself? If so, then your guy-self can help you become more motivated and direct in your actions and communications. And yes, perhaps this side of you needs to be nurtured in order to develop. Then you’ll be “saved” from being a doormat or passive when you should take action. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,


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