The Meaning of Death in Dreams

The Meaning of Death in Dreams Your Daily Focus: May 22-28 | California Psychics

Grim Dreams

Dreams can be difficult to decipher, especially when something drastic happens such as infidelity or death. Like the Death card of the Tarot, the meaning of death in dreams isn’t always black and white, it can have multiple meanings. If death is something that you fear, these dreams can be a manifestation of those thoughts. Sometimes death in dreams is centered around an actual passing, while other times it can be a sign of rebirth and new beginnings.

Dreaming About Your Own Death

Some cultures believe that dreaming of your own death is a sign that you will have a long life. Dreams in which you’re dying may simply be a sign that you are changing and growing, as old parts of yourself pass away. They can also be a manifestation of fears about your health and physical body. There is a myth that if you were to die in your dreams, you would die in real life. While adrenaline and fear in our dreams make it physically possible for your body to enter ‘fight or flight’ mode, it is not likely to result in actual death. This adrenaline is also the reason that we often wake up right before death in these types of dreams. Your body feels that you are actually in danger, and jolts you awake. If this is happening, it may be because you haven’t reached the point of change yet.

Dreaming of Your Significant Other’s Death

Dealing with your own death in dreams may be easier to recover from than having a dream about a loved one, such as a partner, dying. These dreams can be caused by the anxiety of losing someone; even though they can be quite anxiety-inducing themselves. Think about who you were as people and how you felt at the beginning of your relationship, if there have been significant changes since then, dreams of death may be your way of processing these changes. If your relationship is not in a great place, a dream where your partner is dying may echo fears about them leaving or be a manifestation of your desire to move on without them. If you have recently separated from a partner, you may dream of them dying as a projection of your inner self being ready to let them go.

Dreams of a Loved One’s Death

These interpretations may extend to family members and friends as well. If you are dreaming of the death of a loved one, pay attention to the emotions that you feel as a result of the dream. Are you longing for them? Perhaps you simply miss this person and feel like they are inaccessible. Are you angry that they’ve died? Perhaps they have made a choice in waking life (like moving or starting a new relationship) that takes them away from you. If you are relieved that someone has died in your dreams, it may be someone that you are having negative interactions with. This dream may be a sign to make peace with them and their presence in your life.

Dreaming of Someone Who Has Passed On

What does it mean to dream about someone who has recently died? Dreams in which we encounter the deceased are more likely to be tied to actual death, rather than symbolism. This can be a spiritual message from the person who has passed, letting you know they are okay and offering you closure. Sometimes these dreams happen months or years after the person has passed away. In the dream, they may just be silent and present, communicating with you through emotions; or they may speak to you directly.

Dreaming of a Stranger’s Death          

What if there is a stranger dying in your dreams? There may be someone you don’t recognize, but our minds record everyone we see in waking life and pulls from these faces to create the people that populate our dreams. If someone you don’t know well is dying in your dreams, you may be feeling helpless about something in your waking life. You also may be attempting to process encountering something traumatic that may not have involved you personally.

Dreaming About Murder        

Dreams about death can also involve murder. What does it mean if you are the killer in your dreams? These disturbing dreams can actually have a positive meaning. If you are the one killing in your dreams, this can be symbolic of you making the choice to change. This can be anything from deciding to overhaul your diet to creating an ambitious career goal. What part of yourself must die so that a new part can live?

Rarely What it Seems

Quite often dreams about death have a very different meaning from a literal demise. As with all dream interpretations, having a dream about death is an opportunity to really sit down with your emotions and sort out how you feel about yourself and others.

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    I was awaking last night out of a dream so real I was crying and shaking my heart was beating so fast and I can remember every detail. My friend was cheating on me.


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