What Does it Mean When You Dream About Work?

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Work? | California Psychics

Dreaming About Work vs. Having Your Dream Job

When you consider that most people work to live instead of living to work, dreaming about work may seem like a nightmare. According to Monster.com, “A 2018 Monster poll found that the majority (64%) of U.S. respondents dream about having a different job ‘every second of every day.’ That’s compared to the minority (2%) of people who couldn’t even imagine working a different job because they love their current job so much.”  Even Bustle.com reports that “8 out of 10 Americans are stressed out about work…”

As a nation, it’s pretty safe to conclude that at least in the U.S., a substantial number of  people are stressed out about work. That stress is the reason behind most of the dreams and/or nightmares we experience.

Dream Interpretation

If you’re one of those dreaming about work, then have no fear, you’re not alone. Below are some of the most common dreams people have about work and what they mean.

Nudes, Nudes, Nudes

Dream: You embarrassingly find yourself naked and trying to cover-up at work.

Interpretation: A work situation is making you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. It may be time to address this situation and find your comfort zone.

Dream: Everyone at work is naked and you’re the only one dressed.

Interpretation: You may be covering something up or keeping something from your coworkers. Alternatively, you could be trying to expose others for what you perceive is dishonesty or wrong-doing.

A Trip to the Bathroom

Dream: In a dream, the bathroom represents a basic need. So, what if you can’t find it?

Interpretation: This may indicate that you don’t feel supported at work, even on the most basic level.

Dream: You find the bathroom, but there are no stall walls or there is no way to secure the door for privacy.

Interpretation: It may be time to set up some boundaries with certain co-workers or even your career in general.

Running Late

Dream: You dream about constantly running late to work or an important meeting despite your best efforts.

Interpretation: You likely have a lot of responsibilities to handle, whether all work or home-related, or a mix of both. You may be feeling as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all you need to feel prepared.

Dream: You get lost on your way to work, despite knowing the way – perhaps due to detours. Alternatively, looking for something you’ve lost that’s important to work could cause a similar feeling – especially when it makes you late for a meeting or work in general.

Interpretation: For whatever reason, you may be losing focus on the job, allowing yourself to get easily distracted. You may need to reorganize and prioritize your obligations in order to have more time for the tasks at hand.

Sex with a Co-Worker

Dream: Getting busy with the boss after hours, or having a private meeting with a co-worker can be pretty common in the dream world. It doesn’t mean you actually have a crush or even feelings for them.

Interpretation: You may want something from your colleague or boss, but it’s probably their job or status you desire more than their ability to polish the furniture.

Dream: Having sex with a co-worker that you’re really not attracted to.

Interpretation: Subconsciously, you recognize the need to get better acquainted with this person as they possess skills that may help your work flow more easily, which would enable you to advance in your career.

All Dreams Have a Purpose

According to the Huffington Post, “Decades of research suggests that dreams help us make memories, solve problems we struggle with in our waking hours, and process emotions – even unpleasant ones where you accidentally expose yourself to everyone at work.”

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