DreamCast: Overly Dramatic Dreams Get Attention

All in a dream
My husband dreamed that he came back from somewhere to our apartment in Los Angeles – maybe from a business trip or Europe, where he is from. He was greeted by our Boston Terrier in our apartment. He went to give him a bath and when he got him in the tub, he realized I had had his leg amputated. One of his legs was a little red stump but he seemed to be okay. So what’s the deal with my husband?

Isabelle (a Virgo) in Los Angeles

Dear Isabelle,

Dreams can be quite upsetting, but sometimes they’re overly dramatic to get our attention. First, the dream began with your husband coming home from a business trip. Is he traveling a lot or working too hard? The dream may be saying that his schedule is hindering your relationship in some way. The next part of the dream was the shocking scenario about your Terrier. I’m assuming he’s like your child, which means he symbolizes a vulnerable part of your relationship that needs nurturing. And since legs symbolize mobility, there may be something amiss about moving forward as a couple or individually, which may tie in with needing to work less in order to focus on your relationship. Also, bathing is cleansing, so perhaps the nurturing part of your union needs cleansing/healing. As a Virgo, last month, workaholic Saturn transited into Virgo and is sitting upon your Sun. Work and responsibility are undoubtedly weighing heavily on you right now. Perhaps you and your husband are overly focused on your careers and need to have some fun. Don’t forget that playing together helps keep the flame of romance alive!

Sweet dreams,

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