Influential People in Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of being ticketed by a policeman or messing up on a test in front of your teacher? These kinds of dreams are quite common. They usually feature an authority figure who’s obviously the one in charge. They may even appear larger than life. And you’re usually shown doing something inept or idiotic. Even worse, that feeling of ineptitude may carry over into your waking life.

So what does it all mean? Is the dream trying to tell you something important? Most definitely! It’s all about personal power. If you’ve been feeling that outer forces, such as your boss, teacher clergyman or partner have too much control over your life – and we’ve all felt that way at one time or another – you’ll have a stressful “power dream” about someone in authority.

Personal power
It’s your unconscious pointing out where you’re giving over your personal power to someone or something outside of yourself. Which is seldom a good thing. After all, we all have choices even though at times we feel we must carry out duties assigned to us by others. In other words, if you’re coming from an inner place of strength, you can fulfill your responsibilities and still have ultimate control over your destiny. You can choose to leave your job, school, marriage or religious organization if you feel that’s in your best interest. It’s the feeling of helplessness to change things or complete a task successfully that triggers a power dream.

Analyze it
So how do you get your power back? The first step is to recognize that you feel powerless. Analyzing your dreams can help you do this by illustrating where this powerlessness is coming from. The symbols below often appear in power dreams. Meditating on the symbols that appear in your dreams will help you define and heal your issue. Of course, the provided interpretations are only suggestions – the symbols may mean something entirely different to you. It’s always best to trust your interpreting instincts when analyzing your dreams.

Dig deeper
The next thing you can do is evaluate ways to empower yourself. You may want to do a brainstorming session with a trusted friend who will help you see things clearly. They can help point out the choices you have and ways to increase your confidence, expertise and willpower. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine your path.

So identify the symbols below that have appeared in your dreams. Additionally, you can create your own list of authority figures you’ve dreamed about. Then close your eyes and think about the symbols and see what insights come to mind.


Parents – Family patterns are either supporting your goals or holding you back. You may have a list of “shoulds” that determine your choices in life, such as, I should go to law school because that’s what Dad expected of me. Also, if you’re overly self-critical, you may have developed a powerful inner parent who criticizes your behavior and choices.

Spouse – If you dream of your spouse in the driver’s seat or directing situations in the dream, there’s an imbalance of power in your relationship.

Religious authority – Reveals the state of your spiritual life. Positive dreams usually mean you’re in tune with your spirituality. Stressful dreams suggest you’re not making enough time for your spiritual life. Or perhaps you’re blindly following a religious doctrine that’s wrong for you, which means you’re giving those beliefs too much power over your life.

Boss – Can be a commentary on your expertise and confidence at work. Positive dreams mean you’re confident in your abilities and able to make good career choices. Challenging dreams suggest you’re feeling overwhelmed, incompetent, undervalued, or taken advantage of at work.

Law enforcement – Being disciplined by law enforcement suggests you’re on the wrong path or being asked to right a wrong. Or you may just have the feeling that “big brother” (boss, government, God, etc.) has all the power.

Politician – Often a symbol of leadership and worldly power. Can also symbolize manipulation and dishonesty. Stressful dreams may reveal a feeling of helplessness, that government has all the power and just one person (you?) can’t make a difference in the world. Positive dreams suggest you’re comfortable in a leadership role, knowing you can change things for the better.

Teacher – Knowledge, wisdom, higher self or guide, the ability to learn from your mistakes. Disapproval from a teacher suggests you’re ignoring your inner wisdom or using knowledge in a negative way (like gossiping). Positive dreams suggest you’re using your knowledge to help others and create a path that’s right for you.

Bully or monster– Feeling disempowered by others. Dreams about bullies or monsters may be the ultimate dream about an imbalance of power. Look to see where you give away your power to people or situations you find yourself in.

You’ll know you’re on the right track if you start dreaming of authority figures who feel supportive instead of threatening. These positive dream characters represent your own empowerment. They symbolize your ability to shape your destiny.

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