DreamCast: When Dreams Reveal Your Power Animal

Paula in Tucson, Arizona writes:

In my dreams recently, I have been encountering a huge brightly colored male tiger. I am outside, trying to find a warm place to sleep. When I wake, this tiger has curled up with his paws around me. It feels like he’s trying to protect me somehow. The dream then changes to where I can hear him and feel his presence, but he’s just in the shadows. Does this reflect the man I’ve been seeing?

Hello Paula,

If your guy is warm and protective, then the dream could certainly be a reflection of his character and how he feels about you. More likely, though, the tiger symbolizes the “male” side of your psyche, in Jungian terms. This is the assertive, logical part of you that balances the passive, receptive feminine side of your nature. It also serves to protect you. What’s more, although you feel and hear the tiger, he remains in the shadows, which indicates you’re aware of this energy, but it resides mainly in your unconscious. Your feminine side is your dominant energy.

On a spiritual level, the dream might have revealed your “power animal,” which is a source of protection and guidance in your life. It would be interesting to see what you discover if you meditate on the tiger. You could even pretend you’re having a conversation with him and see what he has to tell you.

Sweet dreams,

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