DreamCast: Visits from Beyond

Marilyn in Phenix City, Alabama writes:

On March 5, 1993, when I was three months pregnant with my daughter, I lost my father (he didn’t know I was pregnant). My daughter was born on September 5 – six months to the day of my father’s death. When my daughter was three or four months old, I saw my father in a dream. He asked me, “Where is Bridgett?” which is my daughter’s name. I replied, “She’s upstairs.” Then he walked upstairs and picked up my daughter and held her up in the air and smiled at her. How can you explain that he knew I had a daughter and her name when he didn’t know I was pregnant before he died?

Hello Marilyn,

I believe you received a visitation from your father. He came to you, as remembered through the dream, to share a sweet moment with his granddaughter. This scenario reminds us that loved ones who have passed on are aware of us, even though they are separated from us physically. The bond of love between the living and the dead allows us to stay connected, although spirits in the afterlife are usually more aware of us than we are of them. As such, your father was undoubtedly aware of the impending birth, wanted to show you that he knew your daughter had been born and that her name is Bridgett. What’s more, tucked away in Bridgett’s unconscious is probably a recollection of his visit. According to her astrology chart, she has a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo, which is trine a Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. Although this earth emphasis indicates a practical, analytical nature, she is also quite sensitive to psychic energies. I wouldn’t be surprised if she dreamed of your father at some point, or sensed his presence watching over his family.


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