DreamCast: Praying Manifests in Waking Life

Where Can Prayer Lead You?

Celine in Manila, Philippines writes:

Last month, I dreamed of a clear and wide space with trees. I see my niece who is kneeling, and I say, “Oh, Debbie is praying.” I notice that people are coming around to be near my niece. When I look up, I see a photo of Our Lady of Perpetual Help or the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I relayed my dream to my colleague, and he suggested I visit a church. So I went to this church, and to my surprise, I saw the same photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A lot of people were coming in and out of the church, like my dream, too. In front and back of the church are roads. What is the message of my dream? 

Hello Celine,

There is such a lovely feeling to your dream. The fact that it took place in a clear and natural environment adds to the spiritual quality. As for your niece, you may have witnessed her praying in another dimension while asleep. Is she very religious in her everyday life? Or is she troubled about something? Maybe you intuited a call for help on her part. Or perhaps you’re in need of some assistance.

In any case, I think that you have a spiritual connection with your niece, which is something you could explore together. Maybe you have something to teach each other about faith, healing or helping others less fortunate. Also, the dream is likely a catalyst to get you to focus on your spiritual life. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to church on a regular basis; there are many ways to acknowledge Source. Meditating while taking a nature walk is one of my favorite ways to connect with my spiritual life. You just need to find the path that works for you. Can’t figure out if you’re on the right path? Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 can see your paths ahead.

Sweet dreams,

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6 thoughts on “DreamCast: Praying Manifests in Waking Life

  1. jay

    I was visited by my dad after death asking me.” How are u going to be a king and i’m not a king but im your father and your my son” so I walked away with a few tears and ask my mom y was dad picking with me but he wasn’t mad or upset yelling like he would normally be when he’s angry.

  2. Cherrybeth

    I often dream, and these dreams are clear i can remember the details well. I believe dreams give you meanings. In my case, my dreams give me warnings and sometimes worries, in reality these dreams happens but most of these does not affect me directly but to the people around me.

  3. marc from the uk

    MESSAGE FOR SUNSHINE ! You are being hard on yourself,I am sure your husband is not worried about himself, let alone having a headstone, I am sure he is more concerned that you are happy, embrace your happy times and great memories, physical life is just a school to learn and develop spiritually. We as humans are more concerned about what we did not do rather than being happy about what we did have, read a book called ” journey of souls” by Michael Newton Ph.d, it answers so many questions and is reassuring, more so it will ease your mind. I am not a Psychic nor do I have any training in these matters, but like you I needed to understand life and embrace what I do have. I know you will find solace if you work at it.

    Best wishes

    Marc from the UK

  4. sunshine

    I was married for11 years my husband died in 2010 in we was separate but he still was my best friend. I miss him so much and I wasn’t able to buy him a headstone because i let the insurance go. But his mother had life insurance on him and she just did get. I wanna know if he’s mad at me.

    onhim she just didn’t buy him one. I pray every night that he come in a dre

  5. Rina

    I aften dream of snakes & very violent dreams.. I can memember all my dreams after I wake up.. But I have similar dreams @ least twice a week.. And I would like to know what they know, I’m sure they have meaning via good or bad.. Please help me..


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