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Dreaming About Love

Whether it’s about an ex-boyfriend, a new lover or hidden desires coming out to play, dreams about relationships are the most common dreams I receive from readers. Which isn’t surprising, since matters of the heart make the world go ‘round. The following dreams are intriguing examples of how the psyche can shed light on that thing called love.

Ex-Beau to the Rescue!

Debbie from Pearl, Mississippi writes:

I’ve been having pretty consistent dreams of an ex-boyfriend. We remained friends after the fallout, and are still pretty close. In one dream, I’m by myself in this huge room filled with people I don’t recognize. It’s some kind of formal affair and everyone’s dressed up. I start to get uneasy and panicky, but just in the nick of time my ex comes breaking through the crowd, holding his hand out to me. With his arrival I feel an odd sense of relief or calmness. The dreams usually end in the same place and have been going on for about two weeks. Any idea where the dreams are coming from?

Hello Debbie,

It appears the breakup has cast you out of your comfort zone and into a strange environment (emotional state). It reminds me of someone getting into the singles market after being paired for some time. To attract a new partner, you have to “dress up” by appearing desirable, like the people in your dream. The main question is: from what do you need to be rescued? Loneliness? Having to begin again with someone new? The thought of starting over by getting out there and socializing can be daunting. Fortunately, the environment in the dream was a positive one, and the people you don’t recognize are likely parts of your psyche you haven’t tapped into yet, such as the gifts you bring to a relationship (and the world). What’s more, your ex may also be part of you. His “breaking through” the crowd may symbolize your ability to create a breakthrough in your life that will lead to a new personal path. Best of luck!

Inner Wanton Materializes

Danielle from Westboro, Massachusetts writes:

I have dreams where I am extremely promiscuous. I am sexy and naked or scantily clad. Sometimes I’m with guys I know, other times they are faceless. But I have sex all night – it goes on and on. I am adventurous, kinky and slutty. There are orgies and different venues. What’s going on with me?

Hello Danielle,

It appears that your sexual/creative energy is needing some attention. In fact, I was so intrigued by what I assume is a departure from your usual behavior that I looked up your chart. Interestingly, the dreams mirror a compelling influence that directly affects your relationships. It’s your Venus-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. Oppositions often create an inner tug-of-war. In your case, the conjunction reveals the drive to experience the transforming power of love, in all its aspects. This influence might make you a wild-child in search of extremes in relationships, except that Saturn, which is all about rules, structure and limitation, keeps you morally on track.

Still, the conjunction is too powerful to keep locked away. It needs an outlet, but this outlet doesn’t have to be a sexual one. Because Venus rules not only relationships, but art, you can channel the influence into your creativity. Also, Virgo rules work and service, and Pluto and Uranus are associated with change, so you have the ability to transform people’s lives through your work. It’s an excellent influence for a teacher or healer, for example. So you don’t need to fear your wild side. Just point it in a direction that is healthy for you.

Premonition of Love
Elle in Melbourne, Australia writes:

About ten years ago, I had a dream where I am standing in an amusement park. I turn my head to see a boy openly smiling at me. The thing that strikes me about this dream is the open and intense feeling that was between us, so much so that I have never been able to forget it.

Ten years on, I found myself on a date with a man I have previously known from my childhood. As we were standing in an amusement park, I turned my head and saw him smiling at me. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love. Then I remembered the dream and almost fell over!

Does this seem to be significant to you, or am I just “dreaming”?

Hello Elle,

Your dream does appear to be a premonition of someone you are destined to meet. Dreams that foretell the future are usually visually and/or emotionally compelling. As such, the intensity of feeling between you and the boy in your dream, and the peace and love you experienced, suggests that, at the very least, the dream was telling you something important – specifically, that someone from your childhood (perhaps your date!) will play a significant role in your life. A karmic connection, most likely. Whether your date will become your life partner is difficult to say. I do think he will be a positive influence in your life.

If your relationship doesn’t evolve into a solid romance, perhaps he’s in your life to shed light on a childhood issue that has kept you from moving forward. Actually, I think you both have something to teach each other, whatever form your relationship takes.

Sweet dreams to all,


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