DreamCast: Epic Dreams Illuminate Path Ahead

Rairen from Wisconsin writes:

I don’t have dreams like the following one often, but when I do, they’re epic! They started last summer when I was first making the decision to improve my life. It’s been on and off since then. More recently, I’ve been looking for a change of career and to relocate.

The dream begins in a siege situation with zombie/monster things on the outside while most folks live quite safely in apartment buildings. When an earthquake shakes things up, I and the others run for the entrance to the building to escape before it collapses. Outside, an otherworldly hailstorm drops massive, 8-foot-tall shards of ice that completely block the path out. I’m able to climb and crawl on top of them (they’re sharp, but not unbearable), but once I’m up there I realize that my brilliant escape plan doesn’t matter because there are more of these ice walls dotting the streets everywhere I look.

Behind me, others start to yell out that we need to go back into the almost-certain-to-collapse building. I’m not sure which way to go, but I am certain that it doesn’t matter as both options are equally likely to get me killed.

Hello Rairen,

Epic dreams like yours are sure to get your attention, and I think that’s the point – to illuminate something going on inside you that you need to become aware of. I think the dream above brilliantly illustrates some fears you have about moving out of your comfort zone and into a new way of life. You’re attempting to break free of what makes you feel secure, as symbolized by the folks living “quite safely in apartment buildings.” However, your need to make some life changes has caused an emotional “earthquake” that threatens your secure but outmoded way of life.

As for the zombies, they commonly represent unconscious feelings, attitudes or habits that you’re unaware of. Because water symbolizes the emotions, ice represents emotions that are frozen in place, hindering your growth. They appear insurmountable, but going back to your old way of life isn’t an option. Instead, you’ll need to deal with the “ice” by dealing with your fear of moving forward. Keep your sights on the future and a way forward will present itself, I’m sure.

Sweet dreams,


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