DreamCast: A Baby in a Hurry

Dorla from Brooklyn, New York writes:

Cortney, I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Last night I dreamt I had his baby. The baby – I don’t remember if it was a boy or girl – couldn’t wait until I got to the hospital, so I had it right there in front of my friends. They had to cut the umbilical cord and wash the baby, and I held it so lovingly. Can you tell me my future with this person?

Hello Dorla,

Breaking up with your boyfriend certainly accelerated some new growth in your life. The baby may or may not be a sign that you’ll get back with your guy. Usually, babies symbolize a new development in the dreamer’s life, and the need to nurture it. This could be a new talent emerging, the beginning of a relationship, a newfound inner strength or embracing a fresh perspective.

The baby in your dream could symbolize the positive growth you experienced because of the relationship. On the other hand, if the dream indicates the relationship is meant to continue, then what’s the hurry? Did one of you feel pressured to get intimate or make a commitment too quickly? You indicated you’re a Taurus, a sign that needs a strong, loving foundation in a relationship to feel secure. That takes time. You seem to have some helpful friends around you, a very good thing! If you don’t get back together with your guy, I’d suggest surrounding yourself with supportive friends who will bring out and nurture all the good things within your heart. Then when the right guy comes along, you’ll be ready.

Sweet dreams,


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