DreamCast: Good Thoughts About an Ex

Samantha in Santa Clarita, California writes:

I dream of holding hands with my ex-beau, overlooking an embankment of mountains amid a clearing. I turn my head and spy a large body of water. I touch my hand to my hair, feeling it shorter than I’d thought, and wake up dismayed. I was relieved to notice my hair was longer in the mirror.

Hello Samantha,

Your dream has a spiritual, serene aura about it, suggesting some positive elements about your past relationship — or at least your being at peace with the past. The large body of water symbolizes the breath and depth of your feelings in the relationship, and/or the growth you experienced because of it. The short hair, however, indicates something less positive. Hair usually represents your thoughts, beliefs and frame of mind. It can also indicate your attitude toward your femininity. Something about your ex made you feel “less than” in some way. Perhaps you didn’t feel you could be yourself with him, or your beliefs/attitudes clashed with his. Whatever the problem was, the dream is bringing up this issue again for a reason. If you’re currently involved with someone, perhaps something in your present relationship is causing this issue to resurface. If you’re solo, it may be creating a block to attracting someone new. Try closing your eyes and picturing your hair short, like in the dream. See what feelings come up for you, and how they may pertain to your life now.

Sweet dreams,

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