DreamCast: A Message From Her Higher Self

Crystal from California writes:

I had this dream about a year ago, but it was so vivid and interesting that I couldn’t forget it. I’m in a wooded area with a clearing that goes into a body of water, like a lake. It’s sunny outside, and I hear a man’s voice talking to me. I’m very comfortable with his voice and what he is saying.

Suddenly, a book appears and I open it up. It is a black-and-white drawing of the wooded area and clearing where I am standing. Along with this drawing are pictures of the evolution of humans and the evolution of human history. The evolution of humans, shown walking into the water, is on the left side of the drawing. And on the right side is the drawing of human history, walking out of the water. I look at the book while the man’s voice is still speaking to me. I glance up at the water, and then again at the book, and I wake up.

I wonder what this dream could have represented for me, and I wonder what it meant.

Hello Crystal,

I would classify this dream as a message from your superconscious, or Higher Self. I think the man is a Spirit Guide who is teaching you about human history. Classroom situations are common in dreams, which can be actual memories of the lessons we’re taught while in our astral bodies. Why you should be taught this particular subject, only you could know. You’ve indicated you’re a Capricorn, which is the sign of timing. Are you concerned with the timing of events in your life, like the sense of time passing you by before you accomplish all your goals?

The water symbolizes the birth of humankind and our spiritual development. Walking out of the water brings to mind getting off the wheel of karma/reincarnation, which will happen when we’ve learned our lessons and no longer need or desire the material world. You’re studying evolution, which you can use in your own life by acknowledging how far you’ve come in what you’ve learned, and the soul growth you’ve yet to achieve.

Sweet dreams,


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