DreamCast: The Significance of the Number 2

Okay Cortney, this is a doozie! I had a dream where I was observing myself getting ready to give birth in a delivery room at a hospital. I was standing at what is called a “gallery” window, which is often open to medical students to observe operations. There were two people standing behind me. As I watched, they wheeled in another “me!” I was having two babies, one from each “me.”

As the observer, I had knowledge of myself being a business woman, and that the two people behind me were like support staff of mine – handlers, if you will. I saw a little boy then a girl being born. I then turned and started to walk away, down a long corridor with the two handlers following me. I said, “Can you believe I just gave birth to two babies? I am too old for this! I don’t know what I am going to do with them.” I got the sense that my handlers just rolled their eyes as if I were eccentric.

Not sure how it ended as I woke up. Oddly enough, a few days later I had a similar dream, but I gave birth and then went and had my nails done and everyone thought I was crazy. In reality, I am 45 years old, a small business owner, divorced with a 17-year-old son and am not in a committed relationship. I am, however, always asking for signs as to my true path because I feel I’ve been on course for the last six months or so.


Margaret in Reno, Nevada

Hello Margaret,

The number two is certainly significant in your dream – two of you, two pairs of babies, two handlers and two dreams about giving birth. Because babies symbolize something new entering your life, I’d say you have a choice coming up between two paths, or you’ll divide your time between two new ventures. Perhaps one is in the health or service industry, as symbolized by the hospital, or the beauty industry, as symbolized by the nail salon. In any case, it must be reassuring to know that your higher self is responding to your request for direction by sending you such clear dreams. And that you’ll have support in whatever you’re doing (the handlers). Whether this is support from the spiritual realms or from people who come into your life to assist you, I can’t say. Just know that if you remain open to guidance, you’ll get on the right track.

Sweet dreams,

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