DreamCast: Angels Dancing Around Her

I had a dream that angels were dancing, surrounding me in an enclosed circle. Their white gowns were flowing, and all but one angel wore a mint-green gown. I couldn’t see their faces, just the backs of their heads.


Jeanette in Glassport

Hello Jeanette,

What an enchanting dream! There’s a protective aura about it because of the enclosed circle. Angels are protectors of humans, so your dream seems to be telling you that you’re surrounded by loving and protective spiritual influences. Perhaps you couldn’t see their faces because angels are ultimately unknowable. And dancing is pure joy. I think the dream came to you to inspire your faith and instill it with a sense of joy. As for the green gown, green often represents healing, so there’s a healing influence surrounding you as well. Perhaps you have some healing ability yourself. At the very least, you have a strong connection with your spiritual life.

Sweet dreams,

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