DreamCast: Someone Else to Nurture

Larissa in Washington writes:

I’ve had a recurring dream of looking for my children to feed them, but I cannot find them or I forget where I left them (my real children are grown up). Sometimes I have a dream that makes me wake up because of the need to feed my pets or to catch up with the space shuttle going to the moon …

Hello Larissa,

You’re seeking someone to nurture, and I think that someone is you. Although the dreams may be pointing to some unfinished business with your “real” children, the children of your dreams most likely symbolize parts of your own life that need attention, such as an unrealized talent or a dream you’ve put on hold. What have you always wanted to do, but never had the time while your children were young? I love the scenario where you’re trying to catch up with the space shuttle. Going after your dreams must seem like an impossible task!

The urgency in the dreams indicates a strong desire to “feed” your personal growth. Also, you may feel that everyone else deserves your time and you have little energy left over for your own activities. I think it’s time to turn your energy to your own needs by developing your abilities. Taking a class, joining a group, and brainstorming ideas with friends are some ways to jumpstart your new path.

Sweet dreams,


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