DreamCast: Riding the Ferris Wheel With a Rock Star

What does it mean to have celebrity-themed dreams? I once dreamed that I was riding a Ferris wheel with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. More recently I had a dream where I was watching Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter) and Rudyard Kipling’s son (Jack) onstage – may have been a rehearsal – not sure if it was the actual show. Daniel was doing a dance sequence that I can best describe as a cross between modern dance and African dance, and there was another actor/dancer who was wearing a baseball-type cap.

Arlene in New York City

Hello Arlene,

Dreams about celebrities can, of course, be wish fulfillment scenarios. But on a deeper level, famous people can represent your need for appreciation and acknowledgment of your talents. Additionally, ask yourself if Rob Thomas and Daniel Radcliffe have any traits you’d want for yourself, such as creativity, success, wealth or adoration (or something more subtle). Perhaps you’re craving success through your artistry. Do you have an inner muse waiting in the wings that wants to inspire your talents? Here’s an astrological clue: Radcliffe is a Leo, the sign of the entertainer, while Thomas is an Aquarius, known for their ingeniousness. Perhaps you have some unique creative gifts that need to be explored. Embrace your muse and go for it!

Sweet dreams,

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