DreamCast: At the Top of a Bridge

I’ve had the same dream for many years now. I dream that I’m at the top of a bridge and I’m unable to come down. I am so scared that I just can’t take the stairs down, however, other people can easily do so. I cry for help but my dream always ends with me stuck alone at the top. What is the meaning of this repetitive dream?

Sheetal in Mumbai, India (born 2/6/76)

Hello Sheetal,

Your dream is reflecting your feeling of being stuck in some part of your life. Bridges are transitions from one place to another, or from one point of view (or attitude) to another. Since this is a recurring dream, it seems you’ve been standing at a turning point in your life for quite some time. Being at the top may symbolize your being “stuck” in your head from intellectualizing. You’re an Aquarius, and intellectualizing is a common trait for brainy air signs. Coming down off the bridge probably symbolizes getting more practical about your life, or exploring your deeper feelings and unconscious. Another thought: perhaps being alone at the top just means you have higher standards than anyone else around you. In which case, following the crowd downward may not be the best course of action for you. If you are being overly intellectual, try paying more attention to your gut feelings and taking some time to explore your inner life. Best of luck with your “transition.”

Sweet dreams,

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