DreamCast: Dreaming of Fish

A few nights ago, I had a deep conversation with the man I have been seeing, and it felt like we made a new connection. However, the next morning I felt vulnerable and afraid, and even though he had confirmed a date with me for that day, he disappeared. Then I had this dream . . .

I am passing by a waterfall that has no cascade — the water gathers at the edge, but doesn’t fall into the pool below. There are fish up there, and as I look up at them, I notice that someone has attempted to get some fish down to the pool beside me. They have tied a few fish into pet store bags and tossed them down, but they bob in the water, still trapped in plastic. Two fish stand out to me: one in the water and the other on the sand in front of me.

The one in the water is a gigantic orange and white fancy goldfish the size of a pug — it looks half dead. The fish on the sand is a smoky-grey koi. I pick up the koi and open one end of the bag before tossing the bag into the water. Someone else is with me and they are telling me something negative that makes me doubt whether I have properly untied the bag. However, once it settles into the water, the koi comes to life and starts swimming in the bag, and I know it will find its way free.

From Cyndi in California

Hello Cyndi,

You indicated you’re a Pisces, so I’m not surprised that you had such a powerful dream about fish, the symbol of Pisces. The fish are actually part of your psyche, the part that feels trapped and needs to be set free. The waterfall represents your feelings — its failure to flow indicates that you’re emotionally stuck. One of the challenges of Pisces — an impressionable sign — is ignoring the negative opinions of others and not adapting to what others want you to be. I think the dream is a warning that the man you were seeing might try to control you by “trapping” you into a role that he needs you to perform, instead of honoring your true self. More importantly, you need to honor who you truly are. If you can do that, you’ll be truly free.

Sweet dreams,

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