DreamCast: A Natural Disaster

I dream I’m in an area with a narrow wooden floor, like a bridge. I live there, kind of homeless like, with another female — my brother — but it’s a heavy-set female instead of a male.


There is a natural disaster of some kind taking place — earthquake, hurricane, earth movement — whereby the bridge is broken down the middle, and a water-type substance appears there. It’s small, so we can still get to the other side. Basically, the disaster is going to separate the bridge, the long way, down the middle, but we are not in danger of falling, but the other side is. Physically it makes no sense, but it makes sense in the dream.


This disaster is coming in periodic moments — when it stops, we jump to the other side and bring over the supplies from the side that is going down. Again, for some reason, our side is fine. When my brother/female goes over, I yell that he is too heavy and will cause the bridge to collapse. I tell him I want to go instead, and toss him the stuff.


I jump over, and remember tossing the useful items, like matches, cups, chairs, whatever. I start with the light items so the bridge wouldn’t go down, but I realize no matter what I toss, our side is strong. So I start tossing everything.


In the midst of this, my ex-boyfriend comes in. He has a key. He comes to pick up something, and I try to show him how I have transferred everything from one side of the bridge to our side. As he walks by me, he’s calm, relaxed and distracted. He is too busy trying to fix something on the bridge to really pay attention to what is going on. I try to tell him not to walk on the water because that may cause the bridge to fall, but again, he is too distracted to listen.


Dejected, I start reorganizing my side of the bridge in an effort to spread out the weight. Before my ex-boyfriend leaves, he yells my name, winks, and says, “Bye sweetie,” in a way that lets me know he is going to be right back on the bridge.


From Susan in Los Angeles

Hello Susan,

In what part of your life are you performing a balancing act? It seems you’re in danger of falling off your emotional “center,” the bridge. Most likely this pertains to your home-life or family history, and perhaps romance, too. You’re also having to deal with a lot of “stuff,” which may represent your security. This may also symbolize your struggles to save what’s important, whether it’s a material possession, loved one or the foundation you’ve built.

Your brother is a part of you, the meaning of which depends on how you feel about him. Is he reliable and strong? The heaviness may symbolize a physical or emotional burden you’re carrying. As for the ex-boyfriend, did he have a habit of ignoring your feelings and ideas? Or perhaps you’re the one who’s not paying attention to your own need and desire for love.

In any case, your inner strength makes you safe and sound, no matter what’s happening in your outer world.

Sweet dreams,

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