DreamCast: In Bed With Daniel Craig

I was in bed with actor Daniel Craig and we were starting to kiss, tenderly. I ducked under the duvet and a scary Easter bunny popped out. The bunny was like a Harrod’s (posh British department store) soft toy an ex-boyfriend bought me, but it had a demonic smile sown on its face. I woke up when the bunny came at me from under the covers.

Nicky in High Gate

Hello Nicky,

An evil Easter bunny – what an intriguing symbol! But first I need to ask how you feel about Daniel Craig. Having played James Bond, he’s a sexy mix of hero and bad boy – a bit dangerous – but you may think of him differently. He probably represents the take-charge, in-control part of you that likes to take risks. However, you seem to have mixed feelings about these qualities because of the demonic bunny suddenly appearing.

Another way to look at the dream is that Craig represents relationships that start out with promise (and plenty of sexual chemistry), only to take you by surprise when hidden problems suddenly emerge, as symbolized by the bunny. Is that what happened with your ex-boyfriend? The dream may be urging you to evaluate the type of man you’re attracted to. Then you’ll avoid any dubious surprises between the sheets.

Sweet dreams,

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