DreamCast: Dancing With a Famous Comedian

I’m sitting in a great ballroom wearing an elaborate ball gown. I’m guessing it’s around the early 19th century. Comedian David Walliams (from the show Little Britain) asks me to dance. I reply that I don’t know how to dance. He takes me in his arms anyway and sweeps me around the floor.

I actually feel the sensation of this. He is such a good dancer and the sensation is so incredibly pleasurable that I tell him “jokingly” that I think I’ve fallen in love with him. This dream was so real I was left with the feeling of being in love.


Caroline in Perth, Australia

Hello Caroline,

What a fabulously titillating dream! I had to look up David Walliams and Little Britain to see what they were about, and discovered that he performs on the show, mainly in comedy sketches that lampoon the British people. Which makes me wonder… Do you need to lighten up about your life? Can you laugh at your own foibles? You indicated you’re a Virgo. Taskmaster Saturn has been in Virgo for two years, which can sit heavily on your shoulders. The love you felt for your dance partner may indicate you’re in need of some joyful self-expression. Do you like to dance? Perhaps it’s time to get out on the dance floor and cut loose. Or try something new that brings you joy, even if you don’t do it perfectly. Have some fun!

Sweet dreams,

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