DreamCast: Walking Alone On a Busy Highway

I am walking along a busy highway on the shoulder to an unknown destination because I am without my car. It is misty, foggy and slippery. Some debris falls from a truck and the car following it swerves. There is much more traffic coming, and I think if I can wave my orange raincoat, the cars will stop before a pile-up happens.

Then, everything is black.

Now I am standing and it is sunny. Same road, no cars, and there are two or three people standing there as confused as I am. And then there are more people. And more. For some reason, there is a set of bleachers in the ditch facing the road, and the people are going and sitting down. They tell me to sit down too. I don’t like this. It looks nice, but feels very wrong. I decide to keep walking, the way I was going before I went black. The people are saying, “No, no, you need to sit down.” One of them grabs me by the back of my shirt so hard it hurts.

And I am now lying on a gurney, oxygen mask on my face, my eyes are taped shut and I feel someone doing something to keep me alive. Then I wake up.

Dawn in Minneapolis

Hello Dawn,

My first impression throughout the dream is that you’re not in control of what’s occurring. Are you feeling out of control about something happening (or not happening) in your life? Walking along the shoulder of the highway suggests that you’re on the sidelines of an accident about to take place, something that needs clarity because of the fog. What’s surrounding you that feels chaotic or dangerous? It could pertain to family or work, or something more impersonal, such as how you feel about a political or environmental issue. Whatever it is, by waving your raincoat – a symbol of protection from the elements – to warn everyone, you’re trying to influence the outcome.

In the second part of the dream, others are trying to influence you. I think the dream is urging you to follow your own course and be careful of others peoples’ advice about what’s good for you. In the dream, people are demanding that you sit down, which is a passive stance. You’re an Aries and need to take action – and be true to yourself.

Sweet dreams,

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