DreamCast: Facing a Tornado

I had a dream that I was in a tornado. It caught me by surprise. I was asleep and the telephone rang and when I woke up, I looked out the window and a tornado was over the hill from my house. I only had enough time to get in the cellar before it hit my house. After the storm, I came out of the cellar to find my house gone. All my family was there to find me, but we had to walk around to find everyone else. It was scary. I kept saying I was so glad my husband made us that storm shelter, and for the first time I wasn’t afraid of being alone because I knew it was my life I was saving. In my dream I saw my brother who lives out of town, my grandmother who is dead, and past friends. It was like we were all trying to help each other build back. I never found my house or my belongings. I remember walking in someone else’s house and not knowing where I was. The only person I can remember a lot in my dream is my brother. We are not close and he lives in another state. My husband and my brother don’t get alone, and my husband doesn’t want him here at our house. This really upsets me. What does all this mean?

Liz in Cave City, Kentucky

Hello, Liz,

That’s quite a dramatic dream – and a wake-up call for you, symbolized by the ringing telephone. The tornado that destroys your home represents the elimination of old family patterns. You took refuge in the cellar, which represents your unconscious. The key to feeling safe is in analyzing unconscious family patterns and resolving old family issues, like the one you have with your brother.

You were born on November 15, 1966. Your astrology chart shows an extremely strong Neptune, which is conjunct your Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. You are unusually sensitive and intuitive, but you may have a tendency to overlook or deny uncomfortable emotional situations. This tendency is heightened tenfold by transiting Neptune currently squaring your four Scorpio placements throughout 2008 and into next year. The fact that the tornado took you by surprise suggests that you aren’t seeing your family situation clearly – and the possible storm ahead. Take a good look at your past and present circumstances to see if any negative patterns or relationships are influencing you. You may feel alone in your search, but you can do it – no one uncovers the truth like a Scorpio, the sign of the sleuth. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,


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