DreamCast: Eating a Butterfly

I had a dream that I ate a beautiful butterfly. It was orange and yellow. The wings were supposed to be tasty, like flower petals. I don’t remember the taste or the actual sensation of eating it, but I started getting something coming back up and I spit out the head of the butterfly. I looked and saw it lying on the floor, antennas and all. It was so vivid I know it was a prophecy or revelation. What does this mean? I really want to know! The butterfly was beautiful.

From Lisa in Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Lisa,

Your dream seems to have a clear and powerful message for you. Butterflies symbolize transformation, so something in your life is undergoing – or about to undergo – a profound shift. By eating the butterfly, you’re assimilating the change. However, because the head came back up, you may have some trouble coming to grips, intellectually (the head), with the change. Or else the change is happening so fast that you’re having difficulty assimilating (accepting) the results. However, the butterfly is supposed to be tasty, so whatever is coming your way will have a positive affect on your life. Just know that things and people who aren’t meant to be on your path may fall away (a very good thing), which will clear the way for more fulfillment in your life!

Sweet dreams,

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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Eating a Butterfly

  1. Jenny

    I dreamt just last night that a white butterfly landed on my shoe and then some how it went in my mouth and I got one wing out but the other wing was stuck on top of my mouth. Eventually I got it out in my dream. And then all of a sudden in my dream there was a killer or a gunman and then I woke up at 3am something in the morning. When the butter fly went in my mouth it felt as if it actually did happen in real life I can remember the feeling the taste , the disgust. I’ve had many times where I wake up around 3am but I Don’t know why. Does anyone know the reason?

  2. Laura Perry

    I dreamt I birthed my soul along with 5 blue butterflies. I ate one of them in the dream, then started metamorphosing into one. It was one of the strangest dreams I’ve had.


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